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Western Wind (1995)

Western Wind (1995)

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0440409918 (ISBN13: 9780440409915)

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This was a very interesting book. When I first loooked at the title I had very little interest in it, but yuo know what they say, "You can never judge a book by its cover." When I opened the book up to read the summary I was very surprised. It was very different than I thought it would be. An eleven-year-old girl named Elizabeth is sent to Maine to visit her grandmother for the whole month of August. She is not very excited about it and doesn't really want to go. When she gets there it is like a whole different world to her. It looks very different to her. This is only the second or third time Elizabeth has met her Grandmother in person. She feels kind of awkward and does not know what they will talk about or what Gran will question her about. Gran starts asking Elizabeth questions and she does not know what kind of answer Gran wants so she answers with a yes or no. Gran knows she feels awkward and tells her it's okay. Elizabeth learns many things about Gran and her family. Gran loves to tell stories. Her favorite things to do are to draw and paint. Elizabeth meets many new people. She gets close with Gran's neighbors. They are very different. They are loud and treat their children in a not so good way. Aaron, one of the sons really starts to like Elizabeth. She takes him down to the cemetary and to the dock often. One night Aaron gets lost. he is nowhere to be found. Later that day Elizabeth finds out something she never knew about Gran. I will let you read the rest to find out what happens next. This was a pretty good book but to tell you the truth, it didn't start getting good until about the middle. I would recommend this book to people in between fourth and eighth grade.

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