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The Moonlight Man (2003)

The Moonlight Man (2003)

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About book The Moonlight Man (2003)

My Take on It: This was not a book for me. Surprisingly- I generally am a big fan of realistic fiction that focuses on personal growth and emotional development. However, this book had an ethereal, wispy quality to it that just didn’t fit the subject material for me. I have not read any of Fox’s other novels to my knowledge and this may just be a stylistic choice that I do not care for. If you tend to like fantasy or books on the cusp of these two genres and want to read a realistic fiction piece, it may be right up your alley. But the feeling of the words just did not work in my brain. I will give her props for a well-organized story and for making rather incredulous events make sense via sound explanations. It just was not a tone or style I favored. Overall Grade: C+, A solid plotline with overdramatic descriptions and mismatched tone that just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, it may be yours depending on your reading preferences. For more information and more reviews, check out my blog:

This book was from the "recommended reads" on the juvenile fiction shelf at my library. In it, fifteen-year-old Catherine spends a summer with her absentee (and fairly deadbeat father) after her mother remarries and takes a honeymoon. Catherine quickly learns that her father is nothing like the idealized notion she had created in her mind. She is disappointed and sometimes disgusted with him yet, she is still desperate to have a relationship with him. This emotional conflict makes for an interesting, though not always upbeat story.

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