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Paula Fox

Paula Fox
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Books by Paula Fox


The Slave Dancer (1975)

"You have no idea how much you can get used to". ―Benjamin Stout, The Slave Dancer, P. 24 One just gets a feeling about certain books. Even before reading them, it's as if one can already sense the magnitude of the story, can tell that the reading experience about to be had is so big and imp...

The Slave Dancer (1975) by Paula Fox

Western Wind (1995)

This was a very interesting book. When I first loooked at the title I had very little interest in it, but yuo know what they say, "You can never judge a book by its cover." When I opened the book up to read the summary I was very surprised. It was very different than I thought it would be. An ele...

Western Wind (1995) by Paula Fox

Borrowed Finery: A Memoir (2005)

What a life! I was enthralled, following the details of Fox’s life, as she was moved about from person to person, city to city, even living in Cuba for a year and a half. Fox is 91 years old, and the book takes place up to the point that she is 21 years old, except for a short section at the end,...

Borrowed Finery: A Memoir (2005) by Paula Fox

The Moonlight Man (2003)

My Take on It: This was not a book for me. Surprisingly- I generally am a big fan of realistic fiction that focuses on personal growth and emotional development. However, this book had an ethereal, wispy quality to it that just didn’t fit the subject material for me. I have not read any of Fo...

The Moonlight Man (2003) by Paula Fox

One-Eyed Cat (2000)

This is the second book I’ve read by Paula Fox, the first was Slave Dancer. She is very good at writing characters. I swear I’ve met Mrs. Scallop before—she’s a close acquaintance!“It was the time he’d been happy and hadn’t known it. When he was happy now, he would remind himself he was. He wou...

One-Eyed Cat (2000) by Paula Fox

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