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Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops (2012)

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops (2012)

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1780334834 (ISBN13: 9781780334837)
Constable and Robinson

About book Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops (2012)

Oh, how I miss stupid customer stories... This filled my longing for funny bookseller stories of the yahoos and nutters that ask for things they clearly know nothing about (at least they're improving). I like these stories better than the variety on Not Always Right because these don't make me want to hunt down the unreasonable customer and punch them for yelling at the poor sales associate. More please! I saw this book in our local bookshop and the title immediately caught my attention. I decided to buy it and started reading it as I got home. As far as I could judge from the cover and the layout, it was going to be a light and funny read; a perfect intermezzo during my pretty little liars marathon. Yes, the book was very light to read and that was an absolute plus to me. It consists of many very short anecdotes, it is not a very big or heavy book, so it is an ideal book to take with you and read it wherever you want; whether it's while traveling or as you're waiting at the dentist's... Whether the book is really funny depends on your sense of humor I guess. I hoped I would smile or laugh a lot while reading this book, but it didn't make me smile that often. There are some funny situations described though. Some stories really made me wonder whether they really happened or they were a bit made up. There were some really silly situations described too..Would I recommend this book? Well that really depends on whether you are looking for a light book, full of (very) short anecdotes. If so, yes I would recommend it. But there will always be the fact that it has to be your sense of humor. The humor certainly wasn't my cup of tea. Are you a bookshop owner or librarian? Then I guess this book is a perfect fit for you as well. It might be a very nice gift to a friend or family member within the book business too! So my ultimate tip: I think reading a couple of pages is enough to decide for yourself :-) There are even some quotes in reviews here on Goodreads so these might help you decide!I think I might read the second book too, but I will borrow it somewhere, as this book was not worth it's money to me personally.

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It's been a while since a book had me laughing on my own, I didn't want it to end!

Hilarious.It's fun to see how weird people can really get.

It' so funny I'm still laughing

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