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Voglio Il Mio Cappello! (2012)

Voglio il mio cappello! (2012)

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8888254714 (ISBN13: 9788888254715)

About book Voglio Il Mio Cappello! (2012)

This book tells the story of a bear that has lost his hat and his journey to find it. He travels around asking the different animals he meets if they have seen his hat; finally he gives up and lies on the ground, there a deer comes and asks him what his hat looks like and while describing it the bear realizes that he has seen his hat, ending with an awesome twist.Such a great book, I love the bears’ eyes in this book because they are so simple but so expressive. The story is also hilarious. Not meant for everyone but still amazing. I'm not counting this in my 52 books for 2014 challenge, hah, but I picked this up in Waterstones when looking for books for my niece, and ended up reading it beginning to end. I loved it - it's nice to find a children's book that wasn't around when I was a child that manages to feel both new and classic. I think she's a bit too young for this right now, but I think on a future birthday this will definitely be gifted. Quite want it for myself, truth be told...

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This was a really funny book. It is about a mouse i think who lost his hat.

I laughed out loud when I read this picture book.

Our second Jon Klassen book...we're fans now :)

Adorable. I love it so much.


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