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I Want My Hat Back (2011)

I Want My Hat Back (2011)

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0763655988 (ISBN13: 9780763655983)
Candlewick Press

About book I Want My Hat Back (2011)

The dark tale of a bear who has lost his hat. I'm not quite sure the hat suits him though, being small, red and pointy. But, it's his hat and he wants it back. The bear asks all the animals in the wood if they've seen it - each time getting a slightly different, but ultimately negative answer - until one animal asks him to describe the hat and he realises he actually saw it several pages before on the head of an animal that felt the need to answer very defensively. Rushing back through the forest he confronts the thief, gets his hat back, and in turn answers a little too defensively when asked where the rabbit has gone...Not sure my nephews necessarily understand the dark twist, but the adult reading it certainly enjoyed it. One star deducted mostly because the book clearly has a sticker on it saying signed by the author - but there is no signature anywhere in the book that we can find! I Want My Hat Back is the story about a bear that cannot seem to find his hat. He goes from animal to animal and patiently and politely asks each of them if they have seen his hat. The bear begins losing hope. Will his hat turn up?The theme of this story is hope and patience. The bear remains hopeful of finding his hat. This is even a story that could be used in speech therapy to teach pragmatics. Pragmatics is the way you should interact with and treat people. The bear and animals use "please" and "thank you" and politely have good conversation with one another.Before finishing the story, I would have all of the children go back to their seats. After the deer asks what the hat looks like and before reading the answer, I would have the children draw what they think the hat might look like. This could bring up discussion about different types of hats: when do people wear hats? At what jobs have you seen people wearing hats? (mailman, chef, party, baseball player, fireman, etc) Then I could show pictures of hats and ask if they've seen anyone wearing that hat before.

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Hm. Still deciding what I think about this one. I believe I need to read it again!

A very deep book about a bear's view on society and crime.

This book surprised a good way!

Loved it, great picture book. P

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