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Vain (2013)

Vain (2013)

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Fisher Amelie

About book Vain (2013)

While reading this book, I just blurted out to myself how beautiful it is. The story touched my soul. And the connection between Sophie and Ian was beyond breathtaking. I love them. Magnificent daughters deserved good fathers. Wow. Wish I can make my daddy proud like that. “The shortest distance between two points is the line from me to you.”How would it feel like to be so goddamn beautiful? No words.. except;Gawjus, beautiful, tear jerking read.She is a bitch. She is vain. But in some ways I relate to her..I am not so beautiful I stun boys/men/women, I am not rich but I have parents who ignore me and pay me off with whatever money they have lying around to make it seem like to other people they love me. I have no real friends, even though I am popular.. they use me and I them. I live a lie, pretending to be someone i'm not just like her - if I have to be kind i'll be kind, if I have to be a bitch to be respected or feared i'll be a bitch, if I have to be a suck-up i'll be a suck up, if I have to bad i'll do it, same with good and pretty much anything else you can think of and that is pretty much what she is like. She morphs to fit in and does it cunningly.But she is the most lovable heroine, bitch that I have ever heard/read about. Because she pretends to be someone that she's not I feel connected to her because she has a story behind her and it is one with great depths.Recommended to Freakin' Everyone!!!!!!

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Amazing story. It was truly inspiring.

WOW just WOW

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