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Callum & Harper (2000)

Callum & Harper (2000)

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About book Callum & Harper (2000)

Oh boy the drama! This is how you write NA.Empezó bastante flojo y pensé que se pondría peor.No está super bien escrito pero la historia tiene pesoy es un argumento MUY decente.Hay desarrollo, hay crecimiento de los personajes,es un ir a venir de confusiones y malos entendidos,sí...también un poco de insta-love...aunque más insta-atracción.PERO no ocurre nada de inmediato. Se conocen, conversan.Callum y Harper tienen que pasar por un millón de cosa horriblesantes de tener su "felices para siempre".Me hizo reír, morirme de los nervios..I was all giddy!No hubo necesidad de tener momentos 'explícitos', su relaciónno se basaba en eso.Sinceramente? de lo mejorcito que he leído en New Adult. This book was awesome and well written. I liked that throughout the story Callum and Harper grew into their characters. And the secondary characters are very supportive of Callum and Harper. I couldn't help falling in love with them. But it was so freaking frustrating. It took for ever for the two characters to say I love you. I wanted to throw my nook across my room and scream. Also through the whole book I wanted stick my hands in it and shake the crap out of Harper and Callum. Everyone could tell that they loved each other but themselves. I've never read a book that's made me want to pull my hair out and scream and the top of my lungs. But overall I loved this story. I wouldn't mind reading again. :)

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I want my daughter to marry a Callum and my son to find his Harper.I loved this couple.

1.5*'sThis book was really stupid, maybe on the Top 10 Stupidest Books Ever list.

Created a whole new reading list just because of this book :(


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