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V Is For Virgin (2012)

V is for Virgin (2012)

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About book V Is For Virgin (2012)

V is for Virgin, by the ever entertaining Kelly Oram, was more serious than I expected it to be, while still being really fun at the same time. Valerie was adopted because her mom got pregnant really young (her first time having sex too) and knew she couldn’t raise a child. She gave a necklace and a letter to the adoptive parents, who then gave them to Valerie, and she has always kept with her. She makes a promise to herself that she won’t have sex until she’s married, and she isn’t backing down from that. This inevitably leads to her boyfriend breaking up with her and breaking her heart, and a recorded showdown in a cafeteria that goes viral. We get to see Val pushed to her limits on many different fronts, and constantly being bombarded by offers that she can’t turn down, and offers that she most definitely can. Things spiral out of control, and in the end she needs to do what’s right for her. I am giving this book a four. It was serious, but still had a lot of parts that were funny and ridiculously over the top (in the best way possible). I think what I liked most was how true to herself she stayed, and how she could actually see other people’s arguments. I liked how even when she knew doing something would hurt her heart, she still did the right thing for her. This book had a lot of layers to it, and while the main character has a strong message, this book wasn’t preachy in the least. The ending of this book was definitely a surprise (as well as a big time leap), and I am seriously just hoping the next book picks up exactly where this one left off. Hace como un año descargue este libro, siempre lo dejaba para otro momento, en si la sinopsis no me atrapaba por completo hasta que por fin e anime a leerlo. ¡ME ENCANTO! no para hacerle un altar pero si es entretenido, con mucho humor y hace soltar pocas lagrimas. El asunto de Virgin Val es algo muy extraño. Me sacaba de onda que la chica que haya hecho famosa por ser virgen... Kyle oh ese hombre, me sacaba de quicio a veces, otras me encantaba como era con Valerie.

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The drama ruined the potential, and believe me this book had a lot of potential.

Good book, but to young for me!!!! Awesome moral to the story though!!!

solo diré que el final me dejo con ganas de más.

Literally the cutest thing ever.

El final arruino todo el libro

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