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The Avery Shaw Experiment (2013)

The Avery Shaw Experiment (2013)

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About book The Avery Shaw Experiment (2013)

Avery is documenting the healing of her broken heart for science with the help of the high school's "it" boy. As she does her experiments, she has no idea her partner has his own agenda.I loved this story, of course, because Ms. Oram does such a good job of getting the sexual tension just right. This was set in my home town, for the most part, which was kinda fun. It's a short read, it only took me a couple of hours. 3 stars. This is a funny, teeth-achingly cute story, but the characters are stereotypical and aren't given many chances to move beyond “cute nerd girl,” “fat best friend,” “evil bitch girlfriend,” etc.I also had trouble getting behind the premise. Heroine Avery secretly pines for her lifelong best friend Aiden, but her heart's broken when he asks for some time apart after getting a girlfriend. That part is understandable. The not-so-understandable part is how everyone acts like he’s the worst little shit known to mankind because he tries to keep space between him and his girlfriend and clingy, co-dependent Avery. With that said, the chemistry between Avery and Grayson (Aiden's older brother who becomes determined to mend Avery's heart) is smoking hot. The difference between their growing relationship and the damaged friendship Avery has with Aiden is palpable. It's obvious that Avery and Grayson click, and the fun is in watching both of them realize that.

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Mildly cheesy, but a fun, light read great for teens.

3.5/5Súper dulce y entretenido.


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