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United Eden (2000)

United Eden (2000)

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Review of the Eden TrilogyAs with most paranormal-type books, I loved the first book and then fell off a bit with the following two. I still read them, I must finish a story, and they drew me in and touched me in all the ways a good book should but my hunger for them wasn't as strong as it was for the first. To me, this trilogy casts a new spell on paranormal love affairs. Bryn met and fell for William very quickly but very shortly after, her entire world changes and she couldn't be happier. She seems to be getting everything she ever dreamed of, until her new life turns out to be more complicated then expected. I found William and Bryn's love to be incredible and the moments they separated really tugged on my heart. I hurt for them in a way I normally wouldn't for two fictional characters. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good romantic paranormal story. The book, "United Eden" by Nicole Williams was the last book in the in the Trilogy. Although it might be a little predictable, it kept you on the edge of your seat. The book is about Bryn, a college student girl turned immortal, who faces death with a smile. Her and the love of her life, William, battle to be betrothed to each other. The Council that they belong to would not allow Bryn to be betrothed to William until now. But, when William leaves for a month, rumors arise that Bryn will be betrothed to his brother Patrick. I think it is pretty obvious who’s characters were their favorite, but as much as I loved Bryn and William, I’m going to have to pick Patrick and Cora. They are by far my favorite characters. Here is my reasoning:Patrick: He is super funny and he loves to try and charm people. Yes, he is a player, but he is also really kind and sweet.Cora: I think of her as a little ball of energy who you do not mess with. She always has everything ready for any type of problem or event and she is someone you do not want to mess with.Both of them were very interesting and when they were interacting with each other in the story, it made it ten times more interesting. I think we can all agree that there was not a moment when those two were not captivating. I honestly could not put the book he down. I was either laughing so hard that the people around me thought I was going crazy or I was about to cry because it was so beautifully written and it was such a great love story. My favorite part of the book was when Bryn and William were at the Betrothal Ball and their names were called and they were finally betrothed. I think I started crying because I was so happy that they were finally together. My least favorite part of the book was obviously when the book ended, but also when Bryn was captured by John Townshend and in that box. I was extremely mad that that happened and I knew William would come for her, but it was just a sad thought that they might kill her. Overall, it was such a fantastic book and a great love story and I wish it didn’t have to end. I definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone, definitely if you are looking for a love story. Why? Because it is the perfect love story and it has you not wanting to put down the book.

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The first book was my favorite.. I felt like this series was dragging on..

A very cute romance series!

Great ending ! ;)

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