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Eternal Eden (2000)

Eternal Eden (2000)

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About book Eternal Eden (2000)

It was a very nice book, and a very nice beginning for this trilogy.I was expecting once again to start reading about fallen angels, and I don't know what else, so I was definitely surprised in the right way. The "giving immortality" and not being born with it, turned the story into something really different than the regular angel love story.I love the characters : Bryn, William, and definitely Patrick. Although, I am just waiting for Bryn to become stronger in the next books... Hopefully I won't be disappointed. This author is a truely gifted individual! I felt like I was pulled into the story right beside the characters on their journey. Bryn is a very strong willed individual. She goes through more than any one person should have to bare. Bryn is in college; living the student life. In walks William (needing a tour guide of the school). He is totally HOT. Bryn feels a distinct pull to this guy, but feels she is not good enough for this guy. All the girls are gaga for William....but let me tell u something...he is after only one girl and her name is B--n. I wont go through all the story....the story is well written. I would definately put this book in the read again shelf. I found myself going through many emotions while reading this book. When an author can write so well that it can play with your emotions at the drop of a hat; that tells you..they are gifted. I already bought the 2 & 3rd books in the series. I can't wait to start reading.

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I like the story line of this series a lot. The writing isn't the best, but the concept is good.

I made it about halfway through and couldn't do it anymore. It just didn't keep me interested.

I got half way threw this book and it just seemed like it kept on repeating itself

loved this book, I cried and laughed. I was grabbed in by the first page!


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