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Undeniable Magnetism (2008)

Undeniable Magnetism (2008)

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About book Undeniable Magnetism (2008)

It is a couple of weeks since I read this book and I haven't rated it because I don't really know what I think. I wanted to read it because one of the characters is black. Seriously were are all colored people in books? You come across latinos and some asians from time to time but african americans is rare. Well the story was allright I guess, I wasn't overwhelmed but I didn't dislike it either. I was originally drawn to this work because of the interracial aspect of it. The two main characters, Simon and Jay, are black and write respectively and come from different social and economical backgrounds and upbringings. Simon being from high society in Chicago, while Jay grew up in the inner city with his Irish family.I though Bonnie Dee did a good, realistic job of portraying their differences– race in particular– without beating like a dead horse. I didn’t find myself saying “okay, one’s black, the other’s white. I get it.” Jay’s laid back, non-sugar coating personality played well off of Simon’s straight-laced personality. The sex also wasnt long, raunchy or drawn out for a gazillion pages. All in all, the who novel was realistic and not over the top. I could see this couple existing in real life as well as their family and friends that fill the novel and their reactions to the two being gay and an interracial couple. I liked it a lot. It wasnt the greatest I’ve read, but I would read it again. I guess if I had to give it a rate I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.

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This story was "okay". The high point was it being an interracial MM romance, which is rare.

3.5 - it's cute

3,5 stars

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