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The Au Pair Affair (2013)

The Au Pair Affair (2013)

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1619215438 (ISBN13: 9781619215436)
Samhain Publishing

About book The Au Pair Affair (2013)

A gay fairy tale of young poor latin orphan Louis Guzman met rich out-of-the-closet divorced Hollywood producer Dan Krefman. Louis was hired as the nanny of Dan and Crissi's (Dan's ex-wife) kids. Among his duties are shuttling the kids back and forth between two homes. It was during close proximity with Dan than the sparks between them ignited to full blown fire. Until Louis' past caught up with them.Cheesy much? Yes. Full with drama? Somewhat. But angst-free, at least for me. There's no evil ex-wife who resent his husband's coming out and leaving her. No very nefarious people involved. Every main characters in this were good people they only need short time to bounce back after some shocks, surprises, and whatnot. Every problems solved and life went on, back to normal. Life was not as simple as that. But if you're looking for light reading with guaranteed HEA, some cute kids (to bad for the lack of pet here!), some smexy loving, you can give this a try. I was hoping that this story might be different, but basically this is your run of the mill classic romance stories. Poor guy starts working for rich family, instant attraction, never felt like this before, throw in an x-wife who is still in the picture, guilt for deceiving her for so long, add kids, (who are perfect) throw in a little angst for drama and your done and they all live happily ever after.

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This book was all set to be a five star rating but then there was no epilogue so it lost one star.

Julie's pick for the week of 6/30/13.

3.5 stars.



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