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Four Kisses (2011)

Four Kisses (2011)

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0013327895 (ISBN13: 2940013327894)
Bonnie Dee

About book Four Kisses (2011)

Eh. This book was cute and therefore I rate it 2 stars and I know it's only supposed to focus on those four kisses between Jen and Drake but I feel like there could have been more of an into to them, maybe like "______ years later" something, anything! I wasn't even sure I could finish it and that's extremely rare for me but because it was only so long I forced myself and kind of fell in love with Jen and Drake. I wish there would have been a better ending too. It's waaay too short. Four chapters for four kisses? Seriously? Jen's thirteen when she met Drake. He's quiet demeanor intrigued her yet she had no guts to say hi to him. But in a second, they kissed. They go on separate way until three years later. Another kiss and another and another. Will they finally being together at the end? I don't think I'm really fond of Drake. Especially after sharing pot thing and ended up in jail? I know there are bad boys kind of Hero, but offering the girl some pot? Major turn off. And Jen's plain attitude's just strange to me. So basically this book's too short, too flat and too simple. But despite all that, I enjoyed the kisses because they're sweet. Mostly the 1st one. And the last one. :) Need more chapters and substories. But overall, it's good.

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Sweet and short, feels like it should have a sequel. The sudden end left me wanting more...

Just the right helping of sugar to get through an hour .....a sweet and simple read !!!

It was like a good kiss with bad breath. That's why it gets 4 as opposed to 3 stars.

Such a cute love story. I loved the characters

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