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Una Strega Nascosta (2013)

Una Strega Nascosta (2013)

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About book Una Strega Nascosta (2013)

And with this book my adventure with the Modern Witch series ended...TragicallyThe first book it was neither bad nor good... it just left me with a funny feeling of emptiness...I found this one just plainly stupid... Really, I can't find any other word for it... I can't really understand all the fuss of the people who gave such high rates... I really can't.. And I tried, HARD! I swear.. But nothing... Net Magic? Bringing a laptop in a magic circle? Holding a mouse for accessing your power? WT.....So what does it mean? Nature created a magical gift for people that…unfortunately, couldn't be utilised for almost 3000 years of human life on hearth due to the fact that, guess what, computers popped up only in the last 50 year of history... oh! DUH!Really, I can't..... the second book didn't resonate with me nearly as much as the first. I know this sounds silly about a fantasy story, but I just didn't buy I into this new power around which so much of the book centered. especially as an an IT guy... about 90% in there was finally some reason to flip the pages. Overall... not sure if I'm going to move on to the 3rd, at least not right away. I am, however, going to make some Nutella cookies! :-)

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I really enjoyed this installment! And oh Irving he manages to steal my heart over and over!

I like how it switched focus, but I also loved how all of the other characters were there.

This book really touched my heart. I was totally sucked into the events as they happened.

Probably my favorite book in the series so far - very entertaining.

"Very fun, lighthearted series about a community of witches."

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