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Una Estrella Que No Se Apaga (2014)

Una estrella que no se apaga (2014)

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8415594356 (ISBN13: 9788415594352)
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About book Una Estrella Que No Se Apaga (2014)

Este libro me cautivó desde el principio. Me encanta el hecho de qué SEA una historia real, saber que cada palabra se hizo de manera natural. Amé qué tuvieran distintas fechas, lugares, personas... Simplemente hermoso, me quedé sin palabras y aunque muchas de las cosas por las que Esther tuvo que pasar fueron tristes, pudo seguir adelante y se pudieron relatar cosas maravillosas, lindos momentos... Sin duda tuvo y tiene una familia increíble que la debe haber amado mucho y la sigue amando. Cinco estrellas o más, sin dudarlo ni un momento. The inspiring story This Star Won’t Go Out written by Esther Earl with the help of Lori and Wayne Earl tells the story of a normal and bright young girl, named Esther Earl, diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She maintained a positive outcome on life throughout the book, even when she was facing with one of the most difficult challenges life can through at someone. This is a thought-provoking book that makes you look at your life in a whole new perspective. This book is filled with the loving memories of Esther and her journey through thyroid cancer and life. Along her journey she stumbles across the well-known author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, at a Harry Potter convention. “This was the first, but not the last, time that Esther Earl saved me from catastrophe.”(4) Due to them becoming good “internet” friends, once she had passed, his anger from her death had caused him to write constantly. The Fault in Our Stars is dedicated to Esther but it is not about her. The main character in The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel, has a different story than Esther. She inspired John Green to write a book but, she has inspired several other people all around the world. She has taught them to be happy no matter what circumstance you’re under. She always wanted to help others. Little did she know she was helping inspire society to not let misfortunes keep us from living our lives. To this day, Esther still motivates people with struggles in life. She was living proof that we shouldn’t let something keep us from doing what makes us happy. This book can give people hope for the future. It is truly a remarkable story that gives you a different way to look at life.

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Un muy buen libro sobre la vida de una gran persona y un ejemplo de vida,Esther Grace Earl

I went to sleep crying after I read this book. Esther's spirit and story are amazing.

Didn't finish it. Just wasn't interested in all the detail....

Well edited and collated. Interesting read.

You will forever be missed forever.

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