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A Estrela Que Nunca Vai Se Apagar (2014)

A estrela que nunca vai se apagar (2014)

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About book A Estrela Que Nunca Vai Se Apagar (2014)

What can be said about Esther Earl.... Her life... her story. Is one of the most touching, most inspiring books I have ever read. Every time I hear about her, I grow more and more attached, it's so painful to read about the loss of such a bright, amazing, beautiful person. I have never met her, but hearing about her, reading her thoughts, journals, it is both beautiful and heartbreaking. I am almost finished, and with every page I tun I dred the inevitable announcement of her passing. I think everyone should read this book, and should take a moment just to be greatfull, that even if it was only for sixteen years, the world was blessed with Esther Earl. Niki D'AgostinoMs. PeymanEnglish 1, P. A5 December 2014SRP Book ReviewThe Brightest of All Stars This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl written by Esther Earl and her parents Lori and Wayne is a heartfelt, touching story about an ever-so loved young lady diagnosed with cancer. The book's introduction is written by the bestselling author, John Green, who was very good friends with Esther. He talked about their relationship and how she had a major impact on his life. The rest of the books format is comprised of journal entries, blog posts, letters, and excerpts from her parents. Esther was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the young age of 12. The book follows her daily struggles, visits to the doctor, and emotional ups and downs. On the other hand, her story emphasizes that she is a normal teenage girl who likes to blog, skype, and watch Doctor Who. Throughout the text, the reader experiences a roller coaster of emotions as we follow Esther along her journey that is life. As a part of her illness, Esther spends a majority of her time in bed entering in her journals. It also led to her new found popularity on the internet. John Green's fans started to become huge supporters of Esther, encouraging her and sending her the sweetest messages. Included in these fans were a special group of friends Esther was very close with. The internet was a place where Esther felt like she could be herself and not worry about oxygen tanks and medication. After a long four years of fighting, Esther passed away at the age of 16. This was a very hard time for her family, friends, and internet followers as described in the text. Her bright and glowing personality will live on forever. Her parents created an organization for cancer patients just like Esther, in her honor. This book was such an insirational and touching story that I will never forget. It will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even inspire you to live life to the fullest, demonstrated by Esther. I thoroughly enjoyed every note, blog entry and sentence this book had! It truly tugged on my heart strings. I recommend this book to absolutely everyone. Anyone could find something to love about this book. Esther's captivating spirit made this book one of my all time favorites. R.I.P. Esther Earl.

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Very good and inspiring! I want to be like Esther! #dftba

Love! An incredible story of a wonderful person

I love this book.

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