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Umbrella Academy, Vol.1: The Apocalypse Suite (2008)

Umbrella Academy, Vol.1: The Apocalypse Suite (2008)

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1593079788 (ISBN13: 9781593079789)
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About book Umbrella Academy, Vol.1: The Apocalypse Suite (2008)

The story felt very complete, even though this is called Vol. 1. I enjoyed that Way didn't spend all this time going into the personality, background, and powers of each of the main characters. The writing depended on the reader picking up on that as the characters interact with each other and react to situations. I enjoy when things are written under the assumption the reader can think. That's nice.It was a fairly serious plot, but there were still moments of humor. The manipulation of sibling 7 was really overt, I thought that could have been more clever. And not saying anything why 47 extraordinary kids were born was either lazy or setting up for future stories. But overall, the characters and story was engaging and... well, look there was the zombie corpse of Gustav Eiffel piloting the same-named tower in an effort to destroy Paris. So clearly, it's worth a read.It starts with an atomic flying elbow and ends with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. An interesting graphic novel about crime fighting children. They're all grown up now and their help is enlisted once again as the world is going to end in just a few days. The only problem is that no one knows exactly how the world is going to end. Little do they know that one of their own will be the instigator. Follow along in volume one as the group must battle the Eiffel Tower and other unusual enemies as they save the world.

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3.7. Bien, mais dur à suivre. J'ai hâte de voir la suite.

Eine abgefuckte Story, die süchtig macht.

Gerard, you disappoint me.

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