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Umbrella Academy: Dallas (2009)

Umbrella Academy: Dallas (2009)

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About book Umbrella Academy: Dallas (2009)

Even better than the first volume!Shock full of violence and gore with a dash of dark humor that works perfectly well with the tone of the story and Ba’s awesome illustrations. With the character introductions out of the way and a near apocalypse to get over, the story starts out running and continues magnificently pell-mell into epic near death experiences and time travel.Plus, we finally get to learn what happened to Five!This is definitely a fun and worthy follow up to the great Apocalypse Suite. I liked the first series better, it had the thrill and excitement around the plot which Way didn't really gave into here. Though it was an enjoyable read, its just that some scenes were really way out of the plot, like the whole Mr. Perseus thing. He didn't even affect the whole story, yeah well maybe it was some sort of a preparation for the next volume, which by the way was due for release in 2010. I guess, My Chemical Romance had to go on tour or something. Haha. But getting back to the point, the first one was written better, though this one didn't really disappoint as well. Looking forward on where this story goes, I yearn to learn more about these characters.

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This is so good that it made me like the music of My Chemical Romance!

Wait till you get a load of Hazel and Cha-Cha.

Pretty good!


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