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Umbrella Academy 1: La Suite Dell'Apocalisse (2009)

Umbrella Academy 1: La suite dell'Apocalisse (2009)

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8877593091 (ISBN13: 9788877593092)
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About book Umbrella Academy 1: La Suite Dell'Apocalisse (2009)

The characters weren't as interesting as I'd hoped, except the outcast, Vanya, for a brief period of time in the beginning. I was surprised with the story, because I didn't know what to expect from the lead singer of My Chemical Romance - turns out it's a cool idea. An X-Men-esque group called The Umbrella Academy takes a bunch of kids born on the same day (by unpregnant mothers...) and trains (?) them. Overall, it was entertaining, I just wish I had been able to get a feel for the characters without having to check who was who, and trying to figure out what "powers" they all had. Cool art and cool ideas, but it fell a little short. Yes the second graphic novel of the day, what can I say, I checked what else they had too and this was a freaky novel about super heroes. All a very dysfunctional family saga.Again good artwork, cool story. Though I really wanna know about those preggers women, the freaky kids...but I guess that might come later. I mean why? Why were these kids born if the mothers did not even know they were pregnant.Also I totally had to read it after I read that a MCR member has written itThe heroes, oh they got their issues. And Mr Pogo! Omg drama.Anyway if you are looking for some cool and kick-ass then this might be for you, also it got weird superheroes

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It was cool, I wanted to read the rest too, but I couldn't find them :c

Awesomely strange story, intriguing characters, and great art.


My top fav ever!!

Pretty good!

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