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Todos Mis Amigos Están Muertos (2012)

Todos mis amigos están muertos (2012)

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About book Todos Mis Amigos Están Muertos (2012)

I got this book for Christmas, and it made me so happy! It's a bit morbid at parts, but it is truly hilarious. When I opened the wrapping paper and discovered this book, my entire family had to pause the opening of presents and listen to me read the entire book to them. That's how great this book is.You can read the whole thing in about 5 minutes. It's shorter than many children's books I've seen, but it will be one of the best 5 minutes of your life. My whole family was laughing out loud. An early birthday present and an excellent little bathroom book. It's another of those parodies of children's books, and has the rhythm down perfect, subverted into morbid jokes. It's a picture book that makes light of how everyone and everything is temporary, which is a noble cause. Dinosaurs, pirates, yetis (all their friends are hoaxes) - anything the book can reach is teased for its mortality. It got me a couple of times, the best at, "All my friends are puddles." Whose friends are puddles now? Read it and find out.

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" All my friends are bread."Of deaths, friendships and depth of friendships. Dangit!



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