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Alle Meine Freunde Sind Tot (2012)

Alle meine Freunde sind tot (2012)

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3431038565 (ISBN13: 9783431038569)
Bastei Lübbe

About book Alle Meine Freunde Sind Tot (2012)

Saw this on a tumblr post which made me intrigued of its existence because it was placed on the wrong book shelve. or was it? some of the following books or merchandise include; dr who, game of thrones, harry potter, the hunger games and a couple more so was it really? i didnt think so if anything this just made me laugh before i even looked at the first page.When i accidentally found the book in the library i squealed, got scolded at for squealing and then squealed quietly before i have even read the damn thing, so you could tell how excited i was for this book. My excitement and happiness did not dwindle down when i started to read this, if anything i just got worse and was laughing so loud that if i wasnt a librarian there in the first place i would have gotten kicked out for being a disturbance. This book is just so funny yet sad at the same time. It deals with my kind of dry humour that i cant help but love it and profess my love for it as much as possible by making most of my friends and even teachers and adults read and laugh at it. Seriously i have showed this to over 25 people and only 1 person didnt laugh at this silly book. Also heard there was a sequel and cant wait to read it :)*Would recommend this to any and everyone... okay maybe not really young kids but apart from that any and everyone. This is a good, clever read. The kind you keep visible for anyone to pick up, flip through, and have a few chuckles. It's one amusing joke after another, and the sustained characters are the best. Still more, it offers up a bit of incite to our own individual and unique "friend" situations.It might not be life-changing or a good moral tale, but it'll make you smile, and sometimes, that's enough. That's enough.

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toto bolo max rýchle :D knihu neohviezdičkujem pretože netuším ako :D

Really, really funny and imaginative.

Entertaining in a childish way. Fun

Best book I've ever read.

Short and cute.

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