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All My Friends Are Dead (2010)

All My Friends Are Dead (2010)

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0811874559 (ISBN13: 9780811874557)
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About book All My Friends Are Dead (2010)

This book is not only about being alone but, most importantly, about feeling alone.It evokes the postmodern postulate of being surrounded but utterly and ultimately lonely and isolated (due to physical barriers, time, beliefs, stereotypes, etc.). It’s amazing how a book so short, with such simple illustrations can carry such a powerful message. It made me feel a weight on my chest but essentially it made me think. This is a picture book about many different people, animals, objects, and even plants that come to the realization that everybody dies. The story doesn't follow the same characters throughout, but it jumps around to different people. For example the book opens with a dinosaur whose friends have all died from extinction. There is also a purse who complains that her friends are 'soooo last season.' This story has a humorous view on how everybody will eventually be gone when their time comes.Since this book focuses on many different characters, there really isn't one specific place that the story takes place in. The book mostly happens in a character's life when they are alone or ready to die.Throughout this story, there are many characters that appear saddened by their situation in life. At the end of the story, they make peace with the fact that when their time comes they will be done here on earth.Finality of death is a big theme in this book. All of the characters deal with their own situation where they are forced to accept the fact that their friends are dead.I thought this book was funny and I enjoyed the dark humor in it. I would recommend it to anyone who also enjoys a little dark humor.

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I personally thought this book was doubled over laughing out lour hilarious!!!!

Such a simple, yet twisted read. Loved every page.

Hilarious XD

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