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Time For Andrew: A Ghost Story (1995)

Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story (1995)

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About book Time For Andrew: A Ghost Story (1995)

The book, Time for Andrew is about Drew not wanting to go to a camp and since his parents are going on vacation he is going to have to stay at aunt Blythes house. When he gets there he is very creeped out and regrets not going to the other camp because it looks so spooky. Aunt Blythe is so excited and ready to spend a awesome time with him. When he goes inside he looks through rooms, in one of the rooms he finds an old person there that is his grandpa. When the grandpa seems him he asks him why he's here and if he's trying to hurt him. The grandpa thinks it is someone else but does not admit it. When Drew's parents leave Blythe and Drew eat and then when it is time to go to bed they first go upstairs and find a game marbles but it has a warning on it. Blythe keeps it with her and at night a ghost named Andrew comes back saying he wants his marbles back. Drew calls his aunt to bring the marbles but nothing happened. When Andrew leaves they switch lives. So at this time Drew goes back to 1977 while Andrew took his place and does everything that Drew usually does. Drew was not sure what to do but he had already knew that Andrew was really sick and that is why he switched lives with him to try to live again. Drew finds new things until one day he is really starting to be just like Andrew. Edward which Andrew hated says that he had dared Andrew to jump off the rock and into the lake. Since he wouldn't do it Edward did and then Drew jumped in to save him but at the end Edward did it on purpose and went to blame Drew that he through him into the lake. Read the book if you want to find out what hapened in the end if they ever switch lives. I really liked the book because it gave specific details and because I LOVE mystery like that because it is not that scary but it is a little scary and does not freak you out. At some point when they switched I kinda got a little confused by what happened but hen I got back on track and got the whole rest of the book. I loved how it gave enough details to be able to imagine it and have a little movie in your mind. This was not one of my favorite books of all time but it was one of them that I really liked but I didn't have a lot of connections with it like other people especially because it was a little fantasy because ghost don't appear in the night and creep you out. If you like mystery I really recommend this book but you also need to love fantasy which I do.

Another great ghost story by Mary Downing Hahn. Time for Andrew tells the story of Drew, a young boy who is spending 8 weeks in the summer with his Great-Aunt Blythe. Aunt Blythe lives in the ancestral family home with her father (Drew's great-grandfather). Drew thinks that he can feel the presence of his past relatives all around the house and after a trip to the attic (where the entry door is in his bedroom) that results in his discovery of a very old bag of marbles, he becomes mostly intrigued by a young boy named Andrew. The thing is... well, Andrew? He looks EXACTLY like Drew!Things become even more intriguing when one night, the earlier Andrew appears! Somehow, the boys have managed to travel between their two time periods - right at the moment that the earlier Andrew is supposed to die. Andrew has the idea that maybe, just maybe, if they trade places, Andrew will have a chance to live. So Drew agrees to go back to 1910 and takes over Andrew's identity.The more the boys stay in each others' worlds, the more they become like the other was. Andrew wants to stay in Drew's world, but Drew wants to come home. The boys have nightly marble games to decide who stays where. If Drew beats Andrew, he can come home - but if he loses, Andrew gets to stay. Drew struggles to win, losing more of himself in the process until finally, one night he wins - and both boys can go home. Where he belongs.I really liked the story, especially the ending. I won't lie that I'm a very emotional person, so the summation of the story did make my eyes tear up just a bit... definitely one I'll recommend for my kids whenever I have them :).

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Time for Andrew (Mary Downing Hahn)This was a very good ghost story. Different from the usual. Drew is sent to stay with his Great-Aunt Blythe, in an old creepy house. Drew's father explains how this house has been in the family for over a century. Soon he hears women crying & finding no one there. His Aunt takes him into the attic to show him some of the old treasures. She shows him photos of his relatives, and is shocked to find one boy looked exactly like him, and ironically his name is Andrew. Drew finds a box of marbles hidden in the attic floor with a warning note attached.Soon he finds himself face to face with his "look a like". He find that the boy's name is Andrew, and he is from 1910 and dying of diphtheria. Andrew convinces Drew to switch places with him, to save his life, he does not want to die at 12 years old. Drew decides to switch and life is not the same. Time is running out, and soon Drew must switch back or he will be stuck in 1910 and possibly change the outcome of his family.A joy to read, one I feel readers of all ages would enjoy.

We read this book as a book club book at school. I chose this book because of the author. I honestly didn't like it as much as some of her other books, but I still really liked. My group at school had to come up with a scene to act that described the book. We chose the final marble game when both Andrews are playing to leave. Then family keeps interrupting. This really sums up the book. My friend and I actually fought over playing Hannah. I of course, lost. Instead I played the mother. That was

Oh, the dimensions we delve into! You feel a full-circle journey! I equate it with a “Star Trek, The Next Generation” storyline. In “The Inner Light”, the crew passes an expired planet and experiences the lifetime of its citizens. Memories are impressed upon them. “Time For Andrew” doesn’t resemble that, except in the scope of a stunning emotional journey. It has the beginnings of a ghost story, that plunges into a time travel trade. I couldn’t have guessed how much I would be enthralled by it.‘Drew’ spends a summer posing as his great-great-uncle, ‘Andrew’, at the same house in 1910. Historically he died; with his elder sister, ‘Hannah’ watching over him in the bedroom Drew is using. Drew is visiting his great-aunt while his archaeologist parents are in France. Great-Aunt’s Father (his Dad’s Grandpa) lives with her. It is fascinating to find so many things recognizable in 1910: the land and small details like dusty attic discards, suddenly seen around the house in full use. Experiences with a far greater impact are unforgettable. Drew learns the joy of siblings and also loves his temporary parents, even though he’s desperate to return to his decade. He agreed to stay long enough for modern medicine to heal Andrew. The look-a-likes traded beds at a critical moment, to save him.The novel centers around Andrew’s refusal to leave 1994, insisting he will switch back only if Drew beats him at marbles. It becomes urgent that they do. Each is forgetting the details of their worlds. Also pivotal is Andrew’s need to outgrow aggression, while Drew needs thicker skin. There comes the most satisfying conclusion imaginable. Also poignant is that Andrew wonders a long time, whether or not he was meant to die and this question dogs readers too. Please read this masterpiece.

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