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The Gentleman Outlaw And Me--Eli (1997)

The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli (1997)

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0380728834 (ISBN13: 9780380728831)

About book The Gentleman Outlaw And Me--Eli (1997)

Eliza Yates hates her life. Her father left for Colorado years ago to try and make his fortune. Then her mother dies, leaving her with her aunt and uncle who don't treat her very well. So one night she decides to leave. She takes her money that her aunt has been hiding from her and heads for Colorado. She's smart enough to know that traveling as a girl will invite trouble. Stealing boys clothes from a clothesline and chopping off her hair with her pocket knife, she becomes a boy name Elijah Bates, Eli for short.Along the way she meets Calvin Thaddeus Featherbone, the Second. This man often refers to himself as "The Gentleman Outlaw" but Eli quickly finds out he rarely acts like a gentleman. They initially meet when Eli saves his life after he's shot by rough and tumble outlaws. Eli decides to follow him to Colorado when she learns that he is heading for the same town she is.But when she learns that they are probably looking for the same man, Alfred Yates, Calvin to kill him for the shooting of his father, and Eli because he's her father.

A young girl has to live with her aunt and uncle after her father leaves for the old west and her mother dies. She gets sick of the bad treatment she gets, so she leaves for her father. She gets into trouble quickly and ends up making herself a boy. Along the way, she meets Calvin, who helps her. Will she get to her father alive?I thought this was good. It had alot of close calls with the characters which made it fun to read. The only bad thing was that it had a predictable endingI reccomend this to people wanting a good historical fiction book

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I know that I read this when I was younger. I went through a stage when I absolutely loved Mary Downing Hahn. I don't remember anything about this one, but I do remember that I enjoyed it. *Update. I just reread this one and I'm no longer convinced that I actually read it. None of it was actually familiar and I'm not so sure it's one I picked up, even though I loved this author and the title sounded familiar. It's definitely one I would have loved as a kid though. Reading it now, I didn't love it, but it was quite enjoyable.

gr 4-7 212 pgs1887, West / Colorado. 12 year old Eliza Bates disguises herself as a boy and becomes Elijah Yates. Her goal: to reach Tinville, Colorado and find her father. Along the way, she meets Calvin Featherbone, "a gentleman outlaw" who is also headed to Tinville. He is determined to find a sheriff with the last name Bates who killed Featerbone's father. Eliza wonders if they are looking for the same person and is determined to find him before Calvin does.As exciting as the description sou
—Miss Amanda

This had to be one of the best western books I have ever read, if not the only one. I loved that a young girl had courage to go out in search for her father. It amazed me that she was willing to do anything (including stealing and lying) to get back to him. Eliza's determination was strong and I believe that it will help her to do great things when she gets older. Of course she is only fictional, but with a determination like hers, I believe we can all learn that we can equally reach our dreams (hopefully with less scrapes and scrabbles though). The Gentleman Outlaw drove me absolutely crazy though. I wanted to shout at Eliza not to trust him, but alas it was futile. Fortunately he didn't turn out too bad, but still, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. Warning: Cross dressing, alcohol, language, disobedience

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