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The Dead Man In Indian Creek (2001)

The Dead Man in Indian Creek (2001)

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About book The Dead Man In Indian Creek (2001)

Did you ever as a child like to go exploring and camping with your best friend? As a kid everyone did but the two best friends, Matt and Parker in the book called "The Dead Man in Indian Creek," stopped going because they were afraid. Afraid of getting murdered. Dun, Dun, Dun! Ok, So my overall opinion about this book is that I really enjoyed it. I was fascinated from how the author wrote it. I would describe this book as Mystery because the characters had to play detective and find clues. One thing I was surprised by when I found out Parkers mom was in on something so disturbing. (You'll find out later on in the story.)The setting is Indian Creek, it's relevant to the story because this is were they find the dead man and it builds up to the conflict. On a beautiful day in October, Matt and His best friend, Parker, went to go camping in the Indian Creek. The next day they went exploring and they saw George Evans, someone everybody loved but Parker hated him because Evans and his mother Pam had an relationship. Parker and Matt wanted to know why Evans was being suspicious and In the woods miles away from the town. They went over to were Evans was once he left and realize they saw a dead body. They were so scared that when they arrived at the police station Matt threw up and was later on made fun of about it. They investigated and found out the dolls Parkers mom was bringing in was filled with cocaine. They knew something was wrong and Evans suspected they were up to something and kidnapped them into the woods. But Otis( Parkers brilliant dog) stopped them from getting hurt and Evans took Parkers mom and left but later got into a car crash leading both of the adults into a bad tragedy. To be continued..Person vs. person because Matt and Parker have to go against murderers. There in a very dangerous situation and there only kids.I wished that Parkers mother wouldn't have gotten in a relationship with Evans because he lead her onto something so dangerous when she had a child of her on. Parker felt neglected by his mother because she'd stay out till the morning comes back. What kid wants to be home alone without a parent to look up to. It's sad because I know similar stories like this happening around now. She's not even my mother but I kind of felt neglected too, because of what I read from Parkers point of view. I had predicted Parkers mom gotten herself in trouble because something about her was always suspicious. She couldn't even look her own creation in they eye and every time he'd say something about her being out and never being at home she would spazz out for no reason. I would've been very hurt and shocked most of all because that's just childish. An interested thing I've learned from this book is to treat your siblings and parents and even children right. Don't just change for a stranger because at the end of the day family is all you have. I read a quote in a book and it said "Friends come and go just like a car driving by." Sometimes you have to realize that you can't change for your friend because they can lead you into trouble. Family is Family. Friends can end. I thought the ending of the book was going to be different because there isn't good things promised to people who done bad things. I feel as if Parkers mom and Evans she be put away. One for treating her son wrong and two for following around some jerk who's looking for trouble. That made me disappointed in her.I rate this book as a 4.9 because I enjoyed it but hated some of the characters and I know hate is a strong word but the people's action made me want to jump in the book and teach them a lesson. I recommend this book to the people who get mistreated maybe you can connect to Parker and figure out something so you won't feel neglected. Learn a thing or two. Go to the library today, tomorrow, the day after that and get this book. I promise you, you'll love it and imari keeps her promises.

I picked up this book because my fiancé said this is his favorite book from his childhood. And he isn't exactly an avid reader so I thought there must be something intriguing about it if he said he loved it and still has the library's copy in his closet. This book is a middle grade mystery about two friends who are camping and find a dead body in a creek. Surprisingly for a middle grade book, it involved a lot of adult concepts like drug dealing, affairs, and murder. But overall it was a fast-paced book that kept me interested in the plot until the end. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was still in middle school, but the fact that it was written for younger readers didn't take too much away from the story. I didn't enjoy Matthew's character as much as Parker's and I think the story would have been better told from Parker's perspective rather than Matthew's. Parker seemed like a more adventurous character and also, all the plot was involving him and his mother. So it would have been nice to follow him instead of Matthew who was often outcasted and was rather cowardly.

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I have read other books by Mary Downing Hahn and this one is not one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for ghost stories and this wasn't one. I understand it is written for juvenile readers and I can see a bit of concern for younger kids reading this but I don't think it was that bad to be a challenged book. Parents need to read this before their kids and decide if the book is appropriate for them. I was also confused with the style of writing in this book. It seemed at first that it was written sometime like in the 70s but then the dad was using a computer. I love other books by this author and I think I will stick with the ghost stories.

Dead Man in Indian CreekBy Mary Downing Hahn“While camping near Indian Creek, Matt and his best friend, Parker, get up early to see if they can spot a blue heron. Instead, they find the body of a dead man floating in the clear water.Parker is sure that George Evans, the smooth-talking antiques dealer who is dating his mother, must somehow be connected to the dead man, but matt isn’t so sure. But then, on Halloween night, while snooping around Evan’s antiques shop, the boys make another shocking discovery that puts their own lives in danger.There are murderous adults that would do anything to keep what the boys found in the shop a secret, and now they’re after Parker and Matt. Are the boys clever enough to get away? Or will they, too, end up like the dead man in Indian Creek?”I thought this was a fun, short, spooky read. It has drug abuse mentioned, and a small mention of underage drinking, but it isn’t a main feature, it’s talking about this remote area of the forest. I question the age range though, I think, while the plot is young, the content is a little old. I liked this book, it wasn’t bone chilling creepy, but it was a good (and a little humorous) story on Halloween.
—Rachel's Book Reviews

I thought this book was very good! I have read a couple of Mary Downing Hahn's books and I have loved every single one of them. This book really caught my attention and it was difficult for me to put it down. It was very thrilling and I was excited to pick it up and read it. I think this book would be fun to read out loud to a class but I would definitely read it to an older grade level. It had some pretty controversial things within and I don't think younger children should quite be exposed to that yet.
—Jaycee Dixon

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