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'Til We Meet Again (2011)

'Til We Meet Again (2011)

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Stacey Kennedy, via Smashwords

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Review:I pretty much have to said that I like this short story. It is pretty interesting for me to read this short story and kind of amazed by it. I didn't expect that a character would have sex with a ghost who had been dead during the Civil War. Also, I didn't expect that the ghost were a virgin and now he isn't. The reason why he is still is because he have never have the pleasure with women, all he focus on was war and he regret it for not to get to experience it. This was a very short story that had been written as part of an anthology of romantic ghost stories. Unfortunately, this story was pretty implausible, and thus ruined my enjoyment of the story. The ending made little sense, from a reality standpoint, and there really was nothing more to the plot than the build up toward the one sex scene in the story. The hero talked totally alien to what you would expect from his time frame, even with the totally pat explanation that we are given for him doing so. The heroine was hard to connect with, and practically emotionless. I thought it was a quick read, good for the beach, but ultimately forgettable.

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Ghost who died a virgin comes back to get some. Needed editing. Cheesy story.

Great read. Wish it were longer.

Beautiful short story romance.

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