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Supernaturally Kissed (2012)

Supernaturally Kissed (2012)

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About book Supernaturally Kissed (2012)

Reviewed by AubreyBook provided by the author for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI totally fell in love with this book. I read it super fast and was so glad I had the second book in the series. It was unlike anything I’ve read before in that and I so want to be Tess if I can have a ghost lover like Kipp. From the very first sentence I was hooked and loved the world building and how all the characters interacted. They were very quirky and different. I really liked how Tess was a bit laid back and boring compared to her best friend, Caley, who was a bit bossy and over-the-top.Tess, is a girl who has always kept her feelings buried until she meets Kipp. He haunts her till she agrees to help him from who murdered him. What makes their love story so different is that he’s a ghost and she’s human. She can’t touch him and he can’t touch her. They make it work in a way that is super sweet and hot at the same time.I will definitely be downloading the rest of Stacey Kennedy’s books because I’m completely hooked. I’m very anxious to read the second book in the series to find out what new adventures and foibles Tess can get into as the new member of the Memphis police. My thoughts: I am a Stacey Kennedy fan so I was excited to read this story. I found the idea of falling in love with a ghost unique. Stacey Kennedy is a storyteller. She creates characters that are easily invested in, sets them in a world that is believable and carefully put together. She has the ability to pace the story is such a way that it just unfolds before you from the pages you don't realize you are turning. I enjoy her writing style. With that said, this book did not disappoint. I fell for the characters right away. Kipp is a fantastically created character - although he is a ghost - he has a clever and playful personality. Tess is a wonderfully put together character. Actually, all the characters have been painstakingly personalized in their creation. I felt like I knew each one. The story is unique in the ghost/human love portion, but also a well-rounded murder mystery. Fast paced, edge of the seat drama, mystery, and a shell shocking ending.Wonderfully written, steamy love story - don't start it unless you can finish not only this one, but the next one - Demonically Tempted. (Book three comes in the fall of 2012).

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Liked the characters, figured out the mystery though, which ruined it for me.

Loved everything about this book. The cover does not do it justice.

Despite the terrible cover this was actually an enjoyable read.

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