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The Cat's Meow (2012)

The Cat's Meow (2012)

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162266857X (ISBN13: 9781622668571)
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About book The Cat's Meow (2012)

The Cat's Meow is the first book that I have read by Kennedy, and I must say that it definitely won't be the last. Kennedy delivers an intriguing urban fantasy story full of action, mystery, a dash of romance, and a great start for what I am hoping is a series. The book begins with Libby and her best friend, Peyton, investigating the strange murder of a series of cats, and what happens next leads to Libby being challenged like she has never been before. Kennedy does a great job with her development of Libby who has been coasting along in her job not exactly following the rules of her coven which makes her question Kale's intentions when he enters her murder case. Having her mother in her coven makes it hard for Libby as well as the fact that she is constantly trying to protect her best friend. I really liked how Kennedy tied in Libby's relationships with her family and friends into the challenges that Libby faces as the book progresses. Libby's development is well done and comes full circle by the end of the book as she embarks on a different path. Kale is a great romantic hero full of enough mystery to keep the reader and Libby guessing. I also enjoyed the secondary characters of Peyton and Jace who I hope have a bigger role in a future book. The book's story and mystery were well done and are effective enough to keep the reader guessing. I also really enjoyed Kennedy's world building creating a world full of magic and intrigue. Overall The Cat's Meow was a fabulous read that I would most definitely recommend if you enjoy mystery, romance, and thrills with your urban fantasy. I'm looking forward to reading another adventure with Libby.I received a copy of this book through a publicist for an honest review. Priznám sa, nechala som sa zlákať krásnou obálkou. A tak mi treba. Dej nebol až taký zlý (aj keď s pomerne banálnou zápletkou), ale to ako konali a uvažovali hlavné postavy v tejto knihe, bolo nad moje sily chápania. Toľko facepalmov som si nedala počas čítania už... asi nikdy. Nechce sa mi vymenovávať, čo všetko bolo zle, jednoducho túto knihu neodporúčam, čítala som ju spôsobom každá druhá-tretia veta a viac sa mi k tomu nechce hovoriť.

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