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Tiempo De Pasión (2009)

Tiempo de pasión (2009)

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8467191104 (ISBN13: 9788467191103)
Harlequin Ibérica

About book Tiempo De Pasión (2009)

These books about the Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane are amid of a light mystery with a hunk of romance thrown in and while I don't mind a bit of romance, this book seemed to have a rather hefty dose this time around. Brisbane gets himself an estate, albeit one that is falling apart, and when Julie wants to thrash out with him the status of their relationship, he is resounding in his telling her to stay away.But she doesn't -- obviously. And while they are clearly attracted to each other, its obvious that Julia has placed herself in the middle of an awkward situation. Part of the former owner family are still living at the estate and there is history between them ... And Julia, wants to know more. And she roams around the empty rooms, she is more and more puzzled by this old, aristocratic family that has fallen on hard times. And she is slowing learning more about Brisbane's background ... Le sigh. Oh that Brisbane.The plot thickens in book three as Lady Julia travels to Brisbane's new estate, Grimsgrave, to settle what's between them once and for all. Unfortunately for her, Brisbane's future is entangled with the past of the impoverished family who used to own the estate. As you would expect, Raybourn shines a light on the best and the worst of humanity through her cast of characters, some familiar and some not.

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This one didn't absorb me quite as much as the first two, but still satisfying.

Very easy to read gothic mystery with enjoyable characters and plot.

love this series

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