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Dark Enquiry (2011)

Dark Enquiry (2011)

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1459207661 (ISBN13: 9781459207660)
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About book Dark Enquiry (2011)

This book did not grab me like the others... Lady J & Mr B are settling into married life while she continues to inject herself into the inquiry business totally ignoring the warnings of her smexy hubby's real dangers of the inquiry business. Sadly, I found her prattling-whining about her husband denying her determination to be his equal, tiring. Realizing she is not his inquiry equal never comes to reality and thus Lady J continues to be childish-spoiled-whinney. Totally get the time period however Lady J is needs to be less childish and grow-up. Just not sure if I want to read more of... I am certainly addicted to the "Lady Julia Gray and Nicholas Brisbane" series by our Deanna Raybourn -- was so great to finally access a copy of "The Dark Enquiry" -- our librarian said she found it is out of print, but Deanna kindly sent our library a copy! Also -- a copy was finally borrowed from the library at Meridian, Miss., and I lapped up "The Dark Enquiry" over the weekend. Are there indeed to be more novels detailing the adventures of Brisbane and Lady Julia? There were no disappointments for this fan in "The Dark Enquiry", to be sure!!!

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I LOVE this series! I can't wait for the next one!

My favorite in the series so far

Love the whole series.


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