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Silenzi E Complotti (2012)

Silenzi e complotti (2012)

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Harlequin Mondadori

About book Silenzi E Complotti (2012)

I thoroughly enjoy reading about Nicholas and Julia Brisbane, a fine British couple who hail from very different backgrounds. She is the Lady Julia, daughter of a Lord, and Nicholas, born to a gypsy mother. Makes for an interesting read.I started with the first book in this series and have not been disappointed in any of the books. The are funny, edgy and they leave you guessing about things. Ms. Raybourn does a fine job of painting a vivid picture of what's happening as well as the interactions of the characters. Julia's family is a hoot, the kind of family most people would like to be a part of. Nicholas has a more intersting story to tell because of his background and the era in which the stories take place, but both parts together make for a great read. Really I'm giving this book 3.5 stars. The first book in this series was my favorite but this has been my second favorite. I think I like the setting of London best. I missed Aquinas the Butler when Lady Julia was traveling. Some of the quarrels between her and Brisbane are getting old but I do feel like they are settling in to their marriage so maybe that will improve. And when I stop and think about it, most of the arguments in a marriage have well-worn ruts and sound like broken records so maybe that's not too far off. I still really like Lady Julia. I like that she has embraced her spirit and "speaks her mind" now. She's fun and spunky so I will come back for the next installment, whenever it arrives!

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Well done! This one was much closer to the spirit of the original in tone and fun.

Another heartbreaking ending. I am almost too afraid to read the next book.

Love this series!

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