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Three Weeks In Paris (2002)

Three Weeks in Paris (2002)

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About book Three Weeks In Paris (2002)

This is a story about the lives of five women. It begins with Anya, who owns a school of design. The setting is in Paris. Descriptions are found throughout the book. This beautiful city becomes alive as stories unfold around the characters, who are all artists. This is many love stories in one. At the end of the book, everything comes to a head and closure takes place. I enjoy the mysteries, which are not solved until the very end of the book. This kept me reading. If the book were just filled with mushy, love scenes, I would have probably gotten bored. However, the story has more to it than that. The author digs a little deeper into the relationships of the characters. It is a bit like a piece of art itself, because there are so many layers. "Love, she thought. There's nothing like it in this world. It's the only thing that really matters in the end."I recommend this book for reading at the beach on a lazy summer's day or in your home relaxing on the couch during a snowy or rainy day. It is a real quick read. After I read the book, I felt really good about the experience. It takes you to Paris traveling through the various attractions. You also feel rich, because of all of the grandeur and splendid descriptions. She plops you into the lap of luxury.

I read this little novel because one writer on youtube workshop recommended her books as a romantic novel that are better and different than others. But from the beginning this book was not that impressive, but continued it anyway as wanting to know what would happen at the end. Just like Hollywood movies, everything ends well and happy (too good to be true). There are some unexpected surprises, but overall all so predictable and plus unconvincing. But her vocabulary was good though, as she used all thise fancy words which normally one wouldn't come across in mainstream fictions. She is way too descriptive, tells too much details of every single movement and gesture of the people in the scene. The onky thing I liked about this book is that it has a lot of information, description, places and restaurants ., ect in Paris. And that made me want to go again to Paris and rediscover it.I actually want to give just one star, but then, well, it entertained me somewhat and -yes - Paris was well-described, therefore INVITING!

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I gave it three stars as it was very good as an audio book. The narrator is amazing! The story itself - meh. Half the time I was scoffing at the spoiled characters who were just soooo miserable with their perfect lives and the fact that they never had to want for anything once (well, outside of one of the characters who was the only one you really felt had feet on the ground at one time). On the other hand I was enjoying the 'escape from reality' that the story offered. It was a kind of 'how the other half lives.' The matronly character in all this is a kind of wealthy hippie who loves everybody including everyone in her extended family. The story got a ding right there when it went on and on about her extended family (whose characters never make another appearance in the whole book - so was that much detail really necessary?). And the matronly character just loved them all. Bullshit. No one loves everyone in their extended family. But it was total fluff and kept me entertained on long car rides home. I would never actually read the book but the audio book was great.

Four young women receive invitations to celebrate the 85th birthday of Anya Sedgwick, the headmistress of the School of Arts that they had attended in Paris 8 years ago. We follow each of their lives since they completed school.. Each has doubts about her love life, although each has achieved great success in her professional life. Also, the 4 of them had a terrible argument just before they graduated. They have not kept in touch because of the argument. This book gives detailed descriptions of lives of great wealth and privilege.
—Emily Higgins

Lo spunto poteva anche sembrare interessante, ma lo svolgimento non mi ha soddisfatto per niente. Vicende e personaggi sono poco approfonditi, i protagonisti sembrano abbiano personalità tagliate con l'accetta, senza una sfumatura, che li rende inevitabilmente poco verosimili. Questa autrice d'altronde naviga tra alti e bassi, non è costante nella qualità dei suoi romanzi, e questo decisamente è uno di quelli meno riusciti. Se volete leggere qualcosa di suo ben più coinvolgente e appassionante, vi consiglio "Un segreto è per sempre" e la saga di Emma Harte.

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