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The Triumph Of Katie Byrne (2001)

The Triumph of Katie Byrne (2001)

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About book The Triumph Of Katie Byrne (2001)

A. Serious. Waste. Of. Time. I never read contemporary novels but thought I would pick this up and this is my first time reading this author. Bad Choice. This Author shouldn't write mystery novels, that much is certain.It started off okay(did not like the crime scene but it was visualized well and the emotions were all there). But as it went on the mystery just seemed to disappear up until the last few pages. So basically with this you get the mystery in the first 20- 50 pages and then some bunch of drama stuff and in the last 25 pages they bring up a completely new character as the killer. The entire 200 pages between this is completely irrelevant and pretty much not needed from my point of view. It did have a good lot of information about the Bronte sisters, but please, it has no relevance to this mystery at all... I believe the author just found out some really cool facts about the bronte sisters and wanted to include them in some book... It dragged on and on until I figured it wasn't going to go anywhere so I just read the ending.The romance between the lead and the new character Chris is also so rushed and not properly written out. I feel like it would be been better if she could've met Chris before she went to London. And the author could have built up the scenes between them slowly instead of just rushing through the whole romance part. "They just connected and she instantly liked him."Katie's character lost me there. She has witnessed a brutual crime happen to her two best friends, she always keeps her door locked, I felt like she would never let strangers into her life, which is natural to anyone who has been through a tragedy. But suddenly this guy shows up very close to the place she lives(and where the murder took place) and she's not even wary that he might be the killer or whatever. Total disappointment. Would not recommend it.

The author definitely needs to avoid mysteries. She did a good job with the middle part of the book where she writes about the life of the Bronte sisters. But the entire murder "mystery portion of the book just did not do it for me. It starts out with the tension of the murder and someone perhaps stalking Katie. Then the whole murder part disappears from the story in the middle part of the book while she writes about the Bronte sisters. Then Katie comes back to the US and the murder plot picks up again. The murderer comes totally out of nowhere. No real suspense leading up to who he is. Total let-down by an author I have liked before.

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Garbage. I couldn't even finish it and it was a book on tape. The crime scene was sensationalized and written in such poor taste, plus Ms. Bradfod found it necessary to keep repeating the brutal specifics of the crime over and over again throughout the book. Disgusting and completely inappropiate. The author seemed to have no comprehension of how varied people can react in a tragedy. I was so annoyed that the mother of a murder victom was critisized by the main character for not wanting to be with people shortly after hearing that her only daughter was in a coma and somehow she should have been more open and comforting. Ms. Bradford has obviously never experienced a tragedy herself beyond losing a fish or is one of the people who get a high off of it. The author relied completely on descriptions and cultural backgrounds to give her characters depth instead of actually writing thoughtful, meaningful, and interesting people. I cannot believe people read this crap.

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