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Barbara Taylor Bradford

Barbara Taylor Bradford
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Books by Barbara Taylor Bradford


Uma Carta Inesperada (2012)

I was thinking to myself throughout this book that I was going to give it 5 stars, really liking this author. But up until the end of the book, I'm still waiting for that big secret, that big reveal about Gabrielle. Reading about her World War II memories was thrilling and quite sad, but the way ...

Uma Carta Inesperada (2012) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Letter from a Stranger. Barbara Taylor Bradford (2011)

This book had some good qualities. It gives a vivid description and insight into Berlin during World War 2, a horrible time in history. I also enjoyed the tour through Istanbul. But, the story really did not captivate me until Justine was finally reunited with her grandmother and this part did...

Letter from a Stranger. Barbara Taylor Bradford (2011) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Lettre d'une Etrangère (2012)

Excellent touching book..I like the character Justine for many reason filmmaker and willing to track her grandmother down so curoius to KNOW her!!  Rediscovering her grandmother who she didnt know and finding out on the letters the difficult time her grandmother growing up during the holocaus...

Lettre d'une Etrangère (2012) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Letter from a Stranger (2012)

Reviewed by: LisaBook provided by:Get Red PRReview originally posted at Romancing the BookWhile enjoying the weekend at her family’s Connecticut home, Indian Ridge, Justine Nolan opens a letter that will change her life and those around her. She learns that her grandmother is alive and did not pe...

Letter from a Stranger (2012) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

I segreti del passato (2012)

Reviewed by JoanneBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookOnce again Barbara Taylor Bradford writes a contemporary novel with strong women at its core and their men beside them to be there to support them, love them and be there when needed. Secrets ...

I segreti del passato (2012) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Les images du passé (2012)

Read by Stina Nielsen. Author's 27th novel. Serena Stone is a 30 year old photojournalist. She has been on the frontline in the Middleeast for years making a name for herself, as did her father. Her father dies. she has older twin sisters. They live in Venice. Mother has already passed 4 yea...

Les images du passé (2012) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

A Woman of Substance (2006)

I remember the TV series adapted from Barbara Taylor Bradford's novel with Jenny Seagrove in the lead role. It was a good adaptation if memory serves correctly. It is only now many years later that I have finally read the book.For that time Emma Harte is something of a woman holding the fort in...

A Woman of Substance (2006) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

The Ravenscar Dynasty (2006)

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Harte Dynasty series is one of my all-time favorites.I had launched this Ravenscar Dynasty series by reading one out of order (“Being Elizabeth”), so I decided to back up and start at the beginning.“The Ravenscar Dynasty” is set near the beginning of the twentieth centur...

The Ravenscar Dynasty (2006) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

To Be the Best (2006)

Memories of "Woman of Substance" led me to pick this one up from my mum's bookshelf, but after 50 pages I gave up. None of the characters had engaged me by then, and the plot didn't either. The lengthy and seemingly pointless detail about clothing and decor was still there though. I enjoyed the f...

To Be the Best (2006) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Love in Another Town (2006)

This begins as a typical love story as Jake Cantrell is disappointed by the failure of his marriage to Amy, his childhood sweetheart. He moves to another town to concentrate on his new business. Jake becomes involved with an amateur theatrical group in his spare time. At the first meeting Jake m...

Love in Another Town (2006) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

A Sudden Change of Heart (1999)

4 audio cassettes, abridgedTrigger Warning: rape, child abusegood foundation and then she pours it on!! Nazi stolen art, child molestation by father of young daughter, surviving the Nazi control of France at age 10 and being heir to a fortune thus fueling they Nazi obsession to find her. That doe...

A Sudden Change of Heart (1999) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Unexpected Blessings (2005)

I never intended to read this series beyond the first book but I saw this one at a used book store for $0.80 and figured what the heck. I considered not finishing the book but endured. It got mildly interesting by page 300. Tessa’s story and the brief tie in to the 9/11 terrorist attacks were the...

Unexpected Blessings (2005) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Just Rewards (2006)

As I said above I have enjoyed this series from book one – A Woman of Substance. Emma Harte has become an idol of mine and I wish I could only be as strong of a woman as she was. Not only was she a strong woman she was a good mother who passed on a good values and work ethic to her children. She ...

Just Rewards (2006) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Everything to Gain (2007)

This was an OK story. I enjoyed the relationship between the mother-in-law and the wife, as well as the London, British based parts of the story. The description of the moors and the countryside are wonderful. The story has a predictable ominous overtone identified early which made each page t...

Everything to Gain (2007) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Her Own Rules (2007)

For years I'd seen her books lying on the shelves, and wondered what they were like. So finally I checked out HER OWN RULES by Barbara Taylor Bradford from the library. I was hoping for something steamy and scandalous, like a powerful older woman who sleeps with much younger men, does shots of wh...

Her Own Rules (2007) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

The Triumph of Katie Byrne (2001)

A. Serious. Waste. Of. Time. I never read contemporary novels but thought I would pick this up and this is my first time reading this author. Bad Choice. This Author shouldn't write mystery novels, that much is certain.It started off okay(did not like the crime scene but it was visualized well an...

The Triumph of Katie Byrne (2001) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Dangerous to Know (2007)

Klappentext:Alle glauben an Selbstmord. Doch Vivienne Trent, Exfrau und Vertraute des Toten, hegt einen Verdacht. Die Journalistin beginnt Sebastian Lockes Leben zu recherchieren, und als sie in Frankreich auf die todkranke Gräfin de Grenaille stößt, weiß sie, dass hier der Schlüssel zur Wahrheit...

Dangerous to Know (2007) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Three Weeks in Paris (2002)

This is a story about the lives of five women. It begins with Anya, who owns a school of design. The setting is in Paris. Descriptions are found throughout the book. This beautiful city becomes alive as stories unfold around the characters, who are all artists. This is many love stories in o...

Three Weeks in Paris (2002) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

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