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This Same Earth (2011)

This Same Earth (2011)

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E. Hunter

About book This Same Earth (2011)

I'm conflicted about this series because it was long. I was interested enough in the characters to keep reading and to buy all four books but in reality I was getting a little tired of the plot by book four. I did enjoy it but I will likely not read them again and in retrospect I'm not sure I would spend the money on them. I would pay $0.99 for each one without any remorse but I lament paying more. EEEK!! One of my favorite vampire series I've read in a while!! The knowledge integrated within is crazy wicked and very confusing, but the writing is impressive and takes a genius or mad-woman to keep everything in order. Elizabeth Hunter is a mad-woman who is amazing! And Gio and B.... Seriously mmmmmm!! Even Ben is a hilarious little replica of what every teenage boy should be, LOVE love LoVe this series!!

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Great story on vampires. The characters feel real, the world she creates is well constructed.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon these books! I love them. Seriously, this is a great series.

this series got me out of my reading funk!! really well written.

I have so enjoyed this series so far

Love this series!

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