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The Force Of Wind (2012)

The Force of Wind (2012)

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E. Hunter

About book The Force Of Wind (2012)

This book is truly amazing! better than the previous in the set but you have to read them before this one or you will be definitely lost. Words can not describe what to say about this book, but I truly enjoyed every moment reading it. The characters are awesome and the book has an excellent mixture of sex and action that it does not get overwhelming. I hope there are other books from this author that are just as good or even better. I wish the story didn't have to END! I highly recommend people reading the full series. Beatrice and Giovanni pretend nephew is introduced in this book which is a pleasant surprise. This book also goes into more details of the characters. The search for "the book" and Beatrice's father Stephen continues, this time taking us to China, into Tenzin's world. We see a lot of Tenzin in this book, which I was very happy about. She is one of the Eight Immortals Council daughter. There's a lot to do with Beatrice's dad, too and what's happens with him and Tenzin. And of course, there is Lorenzo, up to his usual tricks. I love him as a villain - he's sneaky and conniving and unquestionably dangerous, but oh, so much fun. This series is freaking awesome.

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Tenzin is just super cool in this one. I'm glad we got to hear more about her.

the whole series have been about THE Book. the whole pursuit is getting old…

Just a good vampire love story with a twist

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