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A Hidden Fire (2011)

A Hidden Fire (2011)

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E. Hunter

About book A Hidden Fire (2011)

I guess romance is just something that goes with the genre, so I will not be picky about it. Romance inside, people, if you don't like, don't read it. On the plus side, the centuries old character in this book is actually conflicted about being atracted to a girl so much younger than he is (not a spoiler, I think, this part of plot also goes with genre). Conflicted, and unsure, and not exactly willing. Good job here. I honestly liked the main character, for not being cheesy, for getting to know someone else before declaring any feelings, for really nice connection with background characters. Well, and for having a character of her own. And for liking people for something else than just good-looking. Edward, you wouldn't stand a chance. So - liked it. Enjoyed reading. However, not "liked" enough to spend $10 on the rest of the trilogy. First, I don't miss the world and the story enough. Second, c'mon, it's Christmas. Given the choice between buying presents and buying these books, I just choose presents. Sorry. WHAT MOST PLEASANT AND DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE!! In an effort to watch my pennies prior to holiday shopping, I have been happily one-clicking 'free' books if the tease blurb thingie is remotely enticing. Some have been just awful but after looking at the reviews of this book, I took the chance. I was FREE!! And it was Paranormal/Vampire--be still my heart. Well friends, let me tell took about 4 pages in to KNOW that this writer and this series is a keeper! The story is very very intellectually stimulating, with lots of great history (I kept Wikipedia at my fingertips and learned a BUNCH of stuff about the Renaissance). The main two characters, Beatrice ( college student and library assistant for ancient books and manuscripts) and Giovanni (a 500+ year old vampire who is gorgeous, smart, can create fire and likes to sit at the bottom of his swimming pool)are just about the most mismatched pair I've seen in a while but wouldn't you know it...the attraction and the chemistry was THERE. The secondary characters are just delightful (Carwyn the Welsh vampire priest, Caspar the butler for Giovanni who raised him, Isadora Beatrice's grandmother who is more aware than we initially know, and Tenzin the powerful and REALLY old pixie like woman who lives in the Himalayas. Then there's Lorenzo, sired by Giovanni but is not a really nice son. As Giovanni becomes more and more attached to Beatrice (and vice versa), he is committed to her safety in an unsafe world.It's the language of intelligence that writes this book; the dialogue is crisp and bright (and delightfully humorous). The story is an intellectual's dream of history, intrigue, political sabotage and romance. I JUST LOVED IT!! I will never understand how a person's mind can generate such a world, such characters, such terrific dialogue and simmering romance but Ms Hunter has definitely done it. You all know I am a visceral reviewer and this one has my gut and my heart. And you know what the best part is...there is more than one book in this series titled The Elemental Mysteries.

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Is it me? I don't get the high ratings on this one honestly and feel like the story fell flat.

A bit slow but intelligent and engaging. I love some of banter.

Recommended by 2 different friends and FREE on Kindle.

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