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The Thing Around Your Neck (2009)

The Thing Around Your Neck (2009)

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0307271072 (ISBN13: 9780307271075)

About book The Thing Around Your Neck (2009)

Quelques nouvelles portées par des personnages vibrant de vitalité et nous voici transportés au cœur de la société nigériane : sur fond de saveurs et de couleurs, de guerre, d'émigration, de corruption , d'amour et d'espoir, se lèvent de belles femmes ! Un beau livre servit par le style: la nouvelle permet de ne pas s'enliser et de toujours rebondir! Une collection et un auteur à approfondir! Adichie's writing wants for nothing. Her characters define the world around them, witnessing with experience and sharing the perspective with readers. American readers may find the experiences unfamiliar, but the feelings one has in a new culture ring true. Nigerian men and women displaced into new cultures and struggling when left in their own. Stories of life, filled with emotion, wisdom, and heartache. This book just prepares one to read Americanah. This is a must read author for today's world.

Do You like book The Thing Around Your Neck (2009)?

This is another gorgeous read from the writer of Americanah.

I will read anything that this woman writes.

Dense but good. Read title story. My fav!

God, I love this woman.

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