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Sejamos Todos Feministas (2014)

Sejamos todos feministas (2014)

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About book Sejamos Todos Feministas (2014)

This is short selection of some of Chimamanda's TEDx talk from 2013.Those of us Beyonce fans will be happy to know that the line from 'Flawless' are included in this 52 page book.Knowing Feminism is a hard subject to talk about these days i respected her bravery in approaching it. My sister said to me if you've listen to the talk why bother buying that tiny book, to that i responded that is the most efficient way for me to quickly present arguments is=f no answers to those who think 'feminist' to be an insult. Some have criticised the fact that she didn't pander to her audience in the way of providing humor, but i think the passionate and personal anecdotes accomplish more than a few well timed jokes could have which is create a rapport with the reader bu also elicit a very emotive response. The story about teaching her first graduate level class and worrying over what to wear to be taken seriously is something that i believe will resonate with women because we understand the struggle :P but also with men as they will understand that this is nit a problem they would've most likely face and probably never will.The issues she raises though are issues we have most likely heard of or come across, the unique and simplistic way she words it makes it comprehensible to all but clear and a lot more structured. I know Christmas is over so i can't suggest you gift this book for it. I would say have in your bag always its a great conversation starter and its so short you could get anyone o read it, hopefully it'll whet their appetite enough o listen to the whole talk. Quite simply: if you can find issue with this idea of feminism, you'll probably never will. Not because the author has dumbed it down, only simplified it to its pretty universal and fundamental principles. You may still say "but this doesn't apply to western societies, we have made such great progress" (I'd agree partially while pointing out there's still a lot to do, but that's something else), because a lot of the given examples are from experiences in Nigeria (which makes sense, given that she spends a good portion of her time there, and not in European companies' boardrooms or somewhere more "western"). I really like the content, but am not sure if a physical copy was really necessary for me (50 pages and quite large print).

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Virkelig skøn og kan på alle måder anbefales! Jeg skal uden tvivl se talen på et tidspunkt.

"Gender as it functions today is a grave injustice"

It's an amazing short read. My sentiments exactly.

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