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The Surfing Lesson (2013)

The Surfing Lesson (2013)

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0316242861 (ISBN13: 9780316242868)
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About book The Surfing Lesson (2013)

A brief glimpse into the heart and mind of someone that feels she has lost the love for her husband. While the narrator continues to ask her self "Where does love come from? And where does it go?", I found myself thinking of the Buddah's teachings on the origin of life. Life is not created, nor is it destroyed. It manifests itself when conditions are sufficient and retreats when those conditions are no longer met. Maybe sometimes in life we cannot find the answers we want because we are not asking the right questions.A pleasant little read. kinda difficult to "rate" as this is just a shirt story to provide us an introduction/back story for "Beautiful Day", which is coming in June.still, i am intrigued and was disappointed when this story ended so i consider that a very good sign" :)enjoy fellow readers!cheers,NurseLisainOhio ---> twitter, pinterest, instgram, foursquare, goodreads. **tweet me if you would like to be NOOK FRIENDS & swap books with me***

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At the end of this short story, I said, "Really? Are you kidding me?!" I would not recommend it.

Didn't realize this was a short story for her upcoming book... good nonetheless!

This was actually a short story introducing her new novel.

Makes me hopeful for the whole book!

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