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The Beach Club (2000)

The Beach Club (2000)

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031226125X (ISBN13: 9780312261252)
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About book The Beach Club (2000)

I picked up Beach Club, Hilderbrand's first Nantucket novel. It's the story of Mack Peterson, a man whose parents died way too soon and sent him adrift on a journey to find himself. Problem is he's taking his sweet time much to his girlfriend's chagrin. Maribel wants Mack to grow up, make some decisions, and ask her to marry him. Yet neither of them really know what they want.Bill and Therese Elliott own the hotel Mack loves, but they plan to retire soon and pass the hotel on to their only child, daughter Cecily, who has no interest for now. Several characters lead you through the story, and Hildebrand does an excellent job interweaving their lives and making the reader care. Nantucket is a major character, too. The town is so beautifully described I asked my husband if we could make plans to visit soon. Since Mack is so torn by responsibility (his family's farm) and his love (Nantucket), it was important to make the place special and intoxicating.The story charms you while reeling you in. There's an endearing side story about Lacey, a member of the Beach Club for forty-five years, and the mother figure to all the characters. Mack and Bill turn to her in times of need, and she brings them together. Childless herself and a widow, she lives for her extended family and their challenges and failings. Along with the Beach Club itself, she's the tie that binds.Beach Club is a quick and absorbing read. I wanted to know more about all the characters, even during the times I was frustrated by their actions. They were imperfect but had rooting value, and I was emotionally invested. I must admit I wanted to know more about Mack's future, but he does grow up and make his decision. Hildebrand has several books in her Nantucket series. Since she made me fall in love with Nantucket, I look forward to reading more from her.Why did the book fall short of five stars? For a couple of reasons. First, it didn't really cover new ground or score high on originality. It's a well-told story in a beautiful location with multiple story arcs, but I'm not sure it was memorable enough. Many books I enjoy don't stay with me, and I like to reserve five stars for those I think will. It cheapens a reviewer if they hand out five stars like candy. Second, there was a spark missing to Hildebrand's writing. I wish I could explain that better. Quite frankly, if I could, I'd be the rich and successful author of a book all about writers finding their spark. If you are looking for a beach read, one where the characters pull you along from page to page and the location makes you want to book a vacation, then Beach Club will not disappoint. Enjoy!

***3,5 stars*** Having read Blue Bistro by this author, I knew Ms. Hilderbrand to be a talented writer. She simply does an excellent job depicting characters and places and making them come alive. As it turns out, I genuinely enjoy reading about the ins and outs of the hotel business as a working place (or the restaurant business as a working place - like in Blue Bistro). The fact that this author picks Nantucket Island to set her books in adds so much charm and enchantment to them. I have never been to Nantucket Island but I’ve been close to the area. I’ll never forget my trip to the Cape. I loved everything about it and reading this book brings it all back. It’s the author’s ability to describe the scenery, the architecture, the sounds and the smells that make it work.Mainly this story is about the inter-relationships between co-workers, lovers, parents and children during one particular summer season, which will be very defining for all of them. I loved the multitude of characters. In all honesty, taking separately, none of the characters were exactly charismatic or outstanding. I thought that they were rather emotionally stunted – and definitely needed a lot of growing up to do; which they do eventually, though with little baby steps, during this particular summer. All in all, I was absolutely entertained, because indeed there's also humor here, and I look forward reading more of Elin Hilderbrand’s books.

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I have recently fallen in love with the works of Elin Hilderbrand and have read several now in the last month or so. This is the first of her Nantucket books and while I really enjoyed it, I have loved her more recent ones more. The beach club started as just that, a beach club for the wealthy to rent,to be able to use a beautiful beach. It has now expanded to also be a 20 room hotel. This novel gets into the lives of the people who work there and those that stay there. Elin's books are all juicy little gossipy treats. Instead of focusing on just a few people, you are thrust into the lives of many people, their emotions, their secrets. Sometimes when there are so many characters, the reader gets lost and confused, to me that is not the case with this authors books. They are fast reads, easy to keep up, and they satisfy that part of us that likes to know everyone's business.I did find that I didn't connect the same with these characters as much as in the other books of hers that I have read. I found some of them; Vance, Maribel and a few others to be not likeable people and I didn't become as invested in them as I have in her other books. Sometimes I can read a book, and fall in love with the characters despite their faults while still enjoying the book, I didn't find that here. I realize that none of the books she is writing are connected but I do find it a little odd that all of these books take place on Nantucket, an island that isn't all that big, yet so far I haven't noticed any of the same characters or places mentioned in more than just a single novel. This author writes the best stories for beach reads, so engrossing and hard to put down, yet still fluffy and delightful. I enjoy her books so much I am torn between slamming through all of her books quickly or trying to hold off and read them gradually. Either way, this woman really knows how to write great stories and I look forward to reading the rest of them.

Another really great one by Hilderbrand. I think it was a little obvious that this was her first novel, just because I've read some of her newer books and her writing style and character development seem a bit more refined. I really did enjoy this one, though -- and must admit, after now reading 3 of her books, I really want to visit Nantucket! This story revolved around Mack Peterson who has lost his parents and finds himself escaping to Nantucket where we works as a manager of a beach club. He struggles in his decisions as to how to move forward in life- sell his parents farm or go back and run it, marry the girl he's been with for six years or leave her for the woman he's fallen in love with whose son is autistic, stay in Nantucket and run the Beach Club or ask for something more
—Lynettemountaincloud Fox

Elin Hilderbrand is in love with Nantucket, and it shows in this, her debut novel. Set at a posh boutique resort and over the course of an eventful summer, Hilderbrand brings to life a diverse set of characters, each unique and believable. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, and was surprised at the author's depth of understanding of people, the choices they make, and the effect those choices have on their lives. She's a deft, insightful writer, and I look forward to reading more of her work.
—Jackie Stanton

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