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The Blue Bistro (2006)

The Blue Bistro (2006)

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About book The Blue Bistro (2006)

After having loved Hilderbrand's books, Silver Girl, Barefoot, The Island, etc. I am on a mission to read all of Hilderbrand’s books! Which led me to The Blue Bistro and just like her others this book did not disappoint! In fact I think this is one of my top favorites from her thus far. I have to say I was getting sick of all the cheating Elin likes to incorporate into most stories and thou there was still mention of this with a side character it wasn’t the main focus in this story. The Blue Bistro is a fine dining restaurant located on the beach of Nantucket. The author presents enticing images of Nantucket and her books always take place on the amazing island which I would love to visit someday. The Blue Bistro is owned by longtime friends Thatcher Smith and Fiona Kemp. Thatcher and Fiona have a very special and deep connection that they have shared since childhood. Thatcher loves Fiona but only as a childhood friend could. This love runs so deep that their unique friendship has interfered with Thatcher’s love interests. It is hard for girlfriends to compete with Thatcher and Fiona's bond. Fiona, although small in stature, is a tough, strong-minded individual. Fiona is the exceptionally talented head chef at the Blue Bistro. Fiona suffers, since childhood, with Cystic Fibrosis and Fiona’s health is suffering and she is currently on the list for a lung transplant. Thatcher and Fiona decide this will be the last year of the restaurant because she and Thatcher both need repose.Now we introduce Adrienne Dealy, who is actually the main character and we meet her in the opening pages as she is escaping from a drug addicted boyfriend who stole her life savings. Adrienne arrives in Nantucket with the sole purpose of making money and paying off her debts. Adrienne’s mother died from Pancreatic Cancer when she was a young girl and she and her dad (a very loveable, supportive character) have been running ever since. Adrienne has been working all over the world in the hotel industry and she has made numerous poor choices in men. The Blue Bistro is truly Adrienne's story, even though there are many side stories taking place at the same time. Upon Adrienne’s arrival to Nantucket she is told by a man on the ferry to check out The Blue Bistro restaurant for employment. Adrienne is hired by Thatcher as an assistant manager to run the front of the restaurant. Now it is up to you to figure out what happens in Adrienne’s journey by reading The Blue Bistro. I will leave you with this final thought… I did really enjoy this book and I believe this particular novel to be one of my favorites from this author however, I did find the ending a bit flat. I felt as though there were story lines left flapping in the wind. I felt this story was leading up to such a spectacular and climatic ending, but it never materialized. It just sort of ended and I would have liked to see a better finale. Happy reading my friends!!

Title: "Blue Bistro" (a Nantucket Novel - stand alone)Author: Elin HilderbrandPublished: GoodReads shows dates in both 2005 & 2006; I need to follow up on the actual US date.Genre: fiction, adult fiction, drama, romance, ? Chick-lit, ? Beach read.Read: April 19-20, 2012Format: ebook via Nook Color ereader by Barnes and Noble.My GoodReads rating: 4.5 of 5 stars.Brief remarks: Yet another instance of me longing for half stars! lol... I give this novel a very solid 4.5, though it is "on the bubble" of five for me.Mrs. Hilderbrand is an excellent writer with a unique story telling method. Although I typically prefer an intense murder/thriller/mystery or a soft, quick-to-read and always happily ending romance, I find myself drawn to her books.I am not sure how the booksellers (or the author herself), classify this book; I think I am dubbing it as a "drama". I guess that is likely my own fictional category, but I really feel it is a good way to describe it."The Blue Bistro" is a story that covers family dynamics, island living, chronic illness, happiness and heartbreak. (I do not believe in "spoilers" therefore always limit what I share.).I do recommend this book, as well as this author, to almost anyone despite one's typical preferences, like those I mentioned for myself. This story reads smoothly, the characters are well developed and there is enough "action" to hold one's interest easily.Off course, this is all subjective/in my opinion, but if you are reading my little blurb here I think you will enjoy the book. I usually only post when I find a book really good or really disappointing! :DEnjoy fellow reading fans!Happy Spring and cheers,Lisa aka: NurseLisainOhio (GoodReads, Twitter & instagram username)

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I have read quite a few books by this author and normally really love reading them. This book was quite different for me. The plot being focused on the restaurant and food became tiresome as the book progressed. Also, I did not find myself rooting for the main characters to be together. A guy who is controlling, deceiptful, and doesn't drink but requires you to get drunk is not a good person for you to be around. Also, he takes her to dinner but doesn't eat - weird! At the end of the book I found myself rooting for her to have the courage to stay away from him!

Quick Summary - The Blue Bistro follows a woman with a transient lifestyle as a hotel concierge who starts a job as a Nantucket restaurant assistant manager after being left penniless by her scumbag boyfriend. Over the course of the novel she learns the ways of the restaurant world, rubs shoulders with important and wealthy Nantucket residents, makes friends, and finds love. The Blue Bistro is an okay beach read - I went in with exactly those expectations and, after the slow-ish start up, was fairly entertained for the majority of the book. The best parts were by far centered around Adrienne's (main character) shifts in the restaurant, which are well-written in Hilderbrand's fast paced style. I have to say that the underlying "mystery" is INCREDIBLY weak, bordering on pathetic. Within the first couple chapters readers have solved this "mystery" and it's really not that earth-shattering. The love story is expected, predictable, and (while fun to read) slightly boring. Overall, if not for the restaurant moments this book would have been a dud. There are so many beach reads out there that it's not necessary to clutter your bookshelf with this one!

My coworker recommended that I read this because it was her favorite book (...) and I would like to say that I was relieved that it wasn't the typical beach, romance novel I was expecting from Hilderbrand (and the cover art. This novel was truly focused on the restaurant industry, with a very subtle and non-obtrusive romance going on in the background. The reason I gave this 2 stars instead of the 3 I was planning on giving it as a simple, easy book that I amused me, is my issue with the main character.SPOILER BELOW: Maybe I'm the grinch but the main character (Adrienne) and Thatcher's "love" developed way too fast and was "grounded" on a really shitty foundation of unspoken issues that were never truly resolved.When the novel ended with her caving and getting back together with him without resolving anything, I was frustrated. This book makes love seem like a terrible idea which was not what I was expecting from a book like this.
—Kelly Renee

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