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The Roar (2009)

The Roar (2009)

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About book The Roar (2009)

This is a great book! Roar by Emma Clayton takes place in a future world that has been infected with the "animal plague", which has forced them to put up a wall to divide the animals from the humans. This wall separates the North from the South, the South where the humans are and the North where the poison dust covers the soil. The main character Mika is sure that his twin sister is alive even though the evidence says otherwise. He feels as if she is still out there. One day when Mika went to school he found a drink mixture named "fit mix" it is supposed to make you stronger, smarter, and healthier. But Mika refused to drink it when the supervisor of the classroom goes and gets the principal Mika throws the "fit mix" straight into the principal's face! As punishment his parents get the top fine possible, 100 credits.I love this book I hope you do too! The RoarBy: Emma Clayton The Roar was set around a plauge that turns animals in to wild killing machines. 44 years later in the future mankind has been pushed behind The Wall which incloses the entire North and South of the Earth. The protagonist, Mika had his twin sister kidnapped and supposedly killed when he was nine years old and ever since he has been having premonitions that his sister is acctually alive, dispite the police, his teachers, and his parents beliveing the opposite. Meanwhile his sister is being held on a space station that house the top world leaders, and a horrible secret. I think this book is for pre-teens and young adults, or adolecents 12-25 years of age. The reason the age limit is somewhat high is because there are some complex ideas that are being stated in the book. Adolecents who are into action, suspence, & plot twists will love this book.

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YA thriller. Very exciting, creepy at times, mysterious, scary, "edge of your seat". I liked it!

Best book ever. Very futuristic and inventive.


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