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The Queen's Army (2012)

The Queen's Army (2012)

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About book The Queen's Army (2012)

Interesting short story that introduces Z, a main player in Scarlet the sequel to Cinder. I found Z to be a bit too brooding and mopey but I guess this was the point of the story, I did however enjoy the background to the pack and the idea of these soldiers in the queen's army. It's world building and I will always welcome that. Short to the point and full of background to hopefully give Z more depth in the main book. Good stuff! Finally, something from Wolf's point of view! I really enjoyed learning more about the process of creating the Lunar soldiers, which was kept really ambiguous in Scarlet. The whole thing makes a lot more sense now that you see that certain soldiers were kept human-wolf hybrids while others were turned into the animals Kai talks about in Scarlet. I also loved finally hearing Wolf's thoughts, especially considering that he spoke barely at all in Cress (which was such a huge disappointment and a loss of narrative opportunity in my opinion), and seeing more about what happened between him and his brother, Ran. Even though this was supposed to be read before Scarlet, it has made me even more excited for Winter! I just hope that Wolf gets a few chapters of his own in that one.

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A creepy look at how evil Queen Levana truly is and what Wolf had to overcome.

Spomínala som, že túto sériu som si zamilovala?

Loved it - fantastic piece of Wolf's backstory!

HAVE to read this before reading Scarlet!


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