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The Peach Keeper (2011)

The Peach Keeper (2011)

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0553807226 (ISBN13: 9780553807226)

About book The Peach Keeper (2011)

The Peach Keeper takes place in a small southern town and follows a few main characters who grew up here. The renovation of a local mansion brings many things to the surface including a decades old murder and the real truth about the local society club. As events unfold relationships change and lives are reexamined. As in her other books there are supernatural elements and emotional issues are addressed. You know you read too many old books when seeing the word "iPod" in print gives you a conniption and you have to recover with hot tea and cat snuggles. Anywoot. Magical Realism! Oddly uncomfortable romance! PEACHES EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE PEACHES which = ghost? I mean, whatever. It wasn't revolutionary. I picked it up for a reading challenge. It's a quick, sort of mindless read that is a combination of DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YAYA SISTERHOOD and LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE. Seriously, there's a cook who changes moods and it's sort or magical. And real. Haha, get it?I slay me.

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Good story. Formulaic, in keeping with her other stories which are feel-good, light reading.

Wonderful. Just enough magic to make it enchanting rather than cheesy.

A lovely read about friendship spanning decades.

not enjoying this one

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