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Lost Lake (2014)

Lost Lake (2014)

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125001980X (ISBN13: 9781250019806)
St. Martin’s Press

About book Lost Lake (2014)

Really LOVED this book. I've liked everything that I've read by Sarah Addison Allen, but I especially loved this one. I am not a fan or reader of fantasy, however, this author's books always have just a little sprinkling of magic that somehow seems believable as it's woven so expertly into the story. Certain things in this book really spoke to me as I was reading it, and I wish that I had taken the time to write them down. I highly recommend this and other books by this author. The book opens with Kate Pheris waking up. It's been a year since Kate's husband has died and she's only just coming to realize how much she's allowed her mother-in-law to take over her life and that of her daughter, Devin. Her husband's mother wants the perfect, Stepford family. And, because she has money and a plan, Kate has just been floating with the plan. But now, while packing up their house, Devin has found a postcard from Lost Lake. She spent one magical summer there when she was a child but it ended abruptly and she forgot about that place and her great-aunt Eby. But now that Kate's woken up, she thinks that one last trip to Lost Lake will be a perfect stop before the rest of her life.Eby is delighted that Kate has returned. This is going to be her own last summer at the lake now that she's agreed to sell to a developer. Upon hearing the news, Eby's regulars decide that they're going to come anyway. It turns out to be a summer that no one expected.With light touches of magic, this is another hit out of the ball park for Sarah Addison Allen.

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Sweet read. Nothing mind blowing but I liked the characters & her writing

Loved the hint of magic that brings characters and readers together!

3.5* Good, comforting, fun, predictable in a good way

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