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The Girl Who Chased The Moon (2010)

The Girl Who Chased the Moon (2010)

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About book The Girl Who Chased The Moon (2010)

I read this book in under 48 hours. I'm not sure if I was fueled by the fact that my library loan was about to end, or if I just needed a little something to get me through the many hours it seems to take to get my daughter to sleep these past few days. Many nights sitting in the rocking chair with her only halfway asleep but unable to transfer her to the crib. God bless the kindle app on the iPhone for making it so easy to be stuck in one place for a long time....This is my third book by Sarah Addison Allen. I find them to be fun and light and tolerable chick lit and this book was no exception. It tells the story of Emily Shelby, who has returned to the town that her mother grew up in of Mullaby, North Carolina after her mother's death. The mother that she knew and remembered does not appear to be the same woman that the town, remembers. It is all linked to an incident with another prominent family in town that drove her to leave a long while ago. Emily returns and tries to understand the two different versions of her mother. It also tells the story of Julia, who has inherited her father's restaurant and bakes cakes for the town that seem to have magical powers. She always leaves the windows open when she bakes with the hopes that the scents will reach key people in her life and bring them back to her. Since this is magical realism, there are other things that happen including:A giantA mystery surrounding why certain townspeople can't come out at nightWallpaper that changes itself to suit the mood's of the room's inhabitantsFrogs in dryersListen, this is not five star literature. But its great escapism if you can just take it for what it is. I'm really enjoying Sarah Addison Allen's fiction. She adds an element of the fantastical to her works, just a little beyond the realm of the world as we know it, trespassing into the world as we like to imagine it is. Her narrators are sympathetic and I enjoy where she takes me. In this book, we follow a few intertwined story lines set in a small town in North Carolina where secrets from years past surface when descendants come back to the town after living afar.

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Love this author! All her books are fun happy reads, exactly what I need when I'm stressed out.

Somewhat mystical but enjoyable read

Delightful and fun!

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