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The Night Angel Trilogy (2009)

The Night Angel Trilogy (2009)

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About book The Night Angel Trilogy (2009)

I LOVED this trilogy! I attempted to read fantasy a few times over the years but could never get into it; then my husband read this series and insisted that I read it too. I. Was. Hooked. This is the series that made me give fantasy another chance, and it's this series along with, "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss, that keeps me coming back and attempting the fantasy genre again and again, even when I strike out with some of the books that I try. I know most people seem to thoroughly enjoy this series while some really hate it, but for me, this trilogy was what interested me in fantasy so as soon as Brent Weeks finishes his fourth book in his "Lightbringer" series, I'll be giving him another shot and hoping it wins me over yet again. The "Night Angel" trilogy had me in a death grip and would not let me go until I had finished it. Honestly, each book left me dangling at the edge of suspense and grateful that my husband had purchased all three books at the same time so that I didn't have to break into my local book store (since I finished each late at night)just to get the next installment of Kylar Stern. Seriously, I did NOTHING day and night until I finished these books. First book didn't really hook me, it just felt like every pther assassin story to me (can be a bad and good thing, you decide). the second and third book are amazing, I love the kakaris as a way for gaining magical abilities.I'd say, if you have a thing for assassin stories, these books are definitely something for you. If you're more into Fantasy, sit through the first one, the next two are going to get mre into the different types of magic and also have the kind of "epic" fights you'll expect from the genre

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Great series if this is your thing. It didn't enrapture me as much as it did my 21 year old son.

These are one of my favorite series, and i would recommend them to any reader of deep fantasy.

Excellent way to end it.. couldn't have done it better Brent Weeks :)

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